Thursday, 13 September 2007

13 Sept 2007, 7.30 pm

12 hours have passed since the time I disclosed my plans and aims to start preparing. However, my habit of procrastination in the field of studies has caught me and I have been unable to even start up. And I also had my college internal exams. From morning 10 to 11, I waited for the library to open. When the library opened, all we did was discussions about the day's cricket match. And then, exam begun and went on upto 4. I had to pick up my sir's son and drop him to the station. This work binded me upto 6. A tired mind came back home by walk by 7. Oh! I forgot to mention, I have stopped using my vehicle for certain reasons which I will disclose when the time comes. I had a bath and now, writing this blog. My food is waiting for me. Let me at least start studying now

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