Friday, 14 September 2007

14 Sep 2007, 8 pm, what a life...

Well, its been around 2 days from the time I am planning to do something in life. However, I have been unable to even take the first step. Hmmm... they say, The first step itself is the most difficult thing, once it is taken, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, . . . . . . . will follow with ease. Thats why the saying, well begun is half work done. But unfortunately, I have been unable to take the step to get started. The initial kick is missing. Once the ball is kicked, it starts rolling. What is it, that has made me stuck with life? Why am i unable to move ahead? Why is it that such a strong mind has become so weak that its not even able to dare to start the work? There is a certain instability that the mind is facing now. When mind is not functioning in the right direction, nothing goes fine. Thats why we call state of mind as a decisive factor of our life. Whatever is lost will never be gained back. Today, if we lose a rupee, we will never get it back. Although we may get a crore rupess tomorrow, still, that one rupee is gone. So, whenever we lose something, we should lose it for something good and better. Life is not just about personal growth, its about the general well being. If we are eating unlimited when people are dying of hunger, it doesn't mean anything. The world is our home and everyone here is like a family member. We ought to treat everyone equally
Coming back to my life, its a big mess up now. When I clean up things are put them up in the right order, I will be able to do something valuable. Till then, life is going to be a big challenge even to do the smallest thing

All I can do now is wait. Although time is running out like blood out of an wounded part with possibility of all the blood emptying out, I am in a helpless state of life till the required things gets restructured and the right movements begin

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