Saturday, 15 September 2007

15 Sept 2007, 11 pm

Before you begin reading, have a look at the song below. When you complete reading the song, you can begin reading this

Some may feel that these are the lyrics of the song 'Main Aisa Kyun Hoon' from the movie Lakshya. Some may feel that I am very happy and I am singing a song. Some may feel that I dont have any other work to do and so, I am passing time. Well, you all are right. However, the main reason why I have written this song is that, it perfectly depicts my life today. The same is the theme of the movie. The hero, who is the laziest person you will ever find on the earth, has a big turning point in life. There is a complete turn in his life. If you seriously look at the picture, a lazy person is yorning, but look at the shadow, you will find an army soldier in making. So, my only hope is that this lazy bug will, one day, becomes an army officer and conquers a territory to win the war. Only God knows, if I will ever wake up like him and reach my lakshya and win my war.

Karna hai kya mujhko, Yeh maine kab hai jaana
Lagta hai gaaunga, Zindagi bhar bas ye gaana
Hoga jaane mera ab kya, Koyi toh bataaye mujhe
Gadbad hai ye sab kya, Koyi samjhaaye mujhe
Main aisa kyun hoon, Main aisa kyun hoon
Main jaisa hoon, Main waisa kyun hoon
Ab mujhko ye hai karna, Ab mujhe woh karna hai
Aakhir kyun main na jaanoon, Kya hai ke jo karna hai
Lagta hai ab jo seedha, Kal mujhe lagega ulta
Dekho na main hoon jaise, bilkul ulta phulta
Badloonga main abhi kya, Maanoon toh kya maaanon main
Sudhroonga main kabhi kya, Yeh bhi toh na jaanoon main
Jaane ab mera hona kya hai, Lagta hai tumko kya
Jaane ab mera hona kya hai, Kya main hoon jaisa bas waisa rahoonga?

And yeah, I am writing my CDS exam tomorrow. So, no blogging till tomorrow night

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