Tuesday, 18 September 2007

18th Sep 2007, 10.30 pm- Saga continues...

Chalte chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main
Kehte kehte hi chup ho jaata hoon main

Nahi nahi, yeh pyaar nahi hai, yeh meri jindagi ka ek chota description hai

Well, things seem like settling smooth off late. Slowly sensing some good flow of the power of mind into the right directions of growth and development. Concentrating the tremendous energy to a single point is always essential for perfection. Efforts are like a magnifying glass. They help in concentrating the sun-rays, the power of mind, body, emotions, thoughts, etc, towards the target, a single point and thus, succeed in igniting the passion and reaping the fruits. After a long time, I am finding that, I am slowly getting the concentration power back. The unwanted lazing of time for wasteful things has reduced considerably. When a person is disturbed emotionally for even a second, he can't do anything for all the 24 hours and until the emotional disturbance gets sorted and things settle fine. I was facing such a disturbance since long and this was sucking my entire energy as I was unable to devote time for productive activities. However, things have started taking a turn and I have been able to take on productive activities as the emotional burden has reduced considerably. We can fight or ignore all physical or mental pains, but emotional pains are almost impossible to battle till they are sorted out. A person who is emotionally stable can succeed in everything. Thats the reason why, EQ (Emotional Quotient) is getting more relevant than the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) these days. It will take some more time for me to get started with a full swing. If I am able to maintain the same stability, I can begin a perfect journey for all the dreams to come true. So, everything in life ahead solely depends on the emotional factor

And yeah, today, we had a selection for youth festival competitions in the college. I participated in the auditions for COLLAGE. Collage is a competition where you are supposed to use newspaper cuttings, magazine cuttings, posters, etc, and build something informative and pass on a strong message using the creativity in designing it. The theme chosen by me was 'Yeh Mera India, I love my India'. I loved the activity. I spent over 2 hours collecting the relevant paper cutting for India's magnificent growth story, the role of software, IT, BT, politicians, sports, corporates, citizens, media, lawmakers, professionals and everyone who contributed to this golden story of success. My collage was looking absolutely baffling. I will try to get a photograph of the same and post it over on this

Lastly, the most important aspect, academics. Today, I was supposed to start the journey. However, I did not have the books to get started in the morning. And unfortunately, it was raining the whole day. And I was hooked to the net till 2 pm. And later, I had to move around with dad to arrange for a gas cylinder as the one at my home got over. At 3, I moved to college and participated in the auditions for collage. I came back home and again, for the absence of books, couldn't study. But this will not repeat tomorrow as I am buying a set of required books

Its time to kiss good bye to the day and get ready to welcome 19th September, of course, after some good sleep

Good night


  1. I relate to the emotional turbulence...happens with me too. If I am upset, I take a while to get out of the bad vibes...

  2. @twitter-99253055:disqus  hmmm... yeah, this was some long time back... when academics was anything & everything that was cared about... :)