Monday, 17 September 2007

8 am, 17th Sep 2007, Good morning! Jhoom Barabar Jhoom...

At 6 am, this disturbed mind was so frustrated that it couldn't sleep. I woke up. May be, after a very long gap of months together, this was the first time that I woke up so early for no reason. I have got up early only when there would be some work for me in the morning. But today, I got up for me. I just had a wash and change and started feeling that I have slept enough. Still how much sleep do I need? Why am I sleeping? Am I retired? Have I gone so old that I need so much of rest? I discovered that I was sleeping solely because I had nothing else to do. But then, there is a big load of work on me. However, due to loss of interest on these things, I have not been able to spend time and concentrate on them

Yesterday, while coming back from Dharwad, I had been to ISKCON. There was a presentation on Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. It was shown in the presentation that he started it when he was around 70 years old. What a dashing achievement! Today, ISKCON is a big spiritual success story world over in just a few years. And I am just 20. When a person could suffer heart attacks in a cargo ship on his way to America and somehow sustain life, reach the US with just 40 rupees (not even worth 80 cents at that time) could revolutionize their lives and bring a turnaround story in the lives of people who are so advanced and who love their lifestyle, its really a mindblowing achievement. At what has happened to us people, who are just 20 years old, and still sleeping

I kept thinking on these lines and then, I wore my shoes and started moving. And as usual, whenever I start doing something, I get heavily obstructed by the nature or by parents or by loved ones or something happens which makes me NOT to do it. The other day, I wanted to stop using vehicle and move by walk and the very next moment, I got a call to perform such things which need a vehicle. But then, I did not stop today. And I also felt very guilty on realising that I have become so fat. I am just 20 and I am obese. Its such a shame that I have no stamina in me now. Although I could, once upon a time, rund upto 10 kms with ease, even 100 metres is getting tought today. Thank God that I woke up today. And yes, there are people in the world who are yet to wake up to this. At such a tender age, when they are supposed to work hard and blossom, they are spending a lazy life and also wasting so much of energy for wasteful purposes

I decided that I am going to the Nruptunga hills for a walk and I am going to reach the top before I start the journey back home. The downpour kept increasing. The intensity was so high that no one dared to move out of their homes. But I didn't stop today. I felt, my day has come. I need to just keep moving ahead. I reached the top and was delighted at my feat. The downpour continued. It increased the volumes again. But I din't stop. I kept moving and reached. And after all the routine activities, I am now ready to take up the world again

And yes, today is September 17, a very important day in my life. 2 years back, on the same day, something unique happened. I shall reveal that when the appropriate time comes

For now, its time to move high

Its time to fly...

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