Thursday, 27 September 2007

JGCC rocks at Youth Festival... Fantastic Celebrations follow...

Life has been a real busy stuff in the past 3 days. I regret for the inability to blog these days. Well, I am not in a situation to put out the 3 days in details. However, I am making an effort to include as much information as possible in brief. We had been busy with the YouthFest activities. The Karnataka University Unifest 2007- Phase I was hosted by our college. It was a great event. It was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 25th and 26th days of the month of September 2007. Over 25 colleges participated in this. I had a big role to play. I knew my responsibilities well and so, I was able to concentrate and dedicate my efforts

On Monday, I spent the whole in preparations for the skit. The skit is titled as 'Desh-Mata'. I ran around the whole to arrange for the costumes, stage decoration, etc. Unfortunately, we were not able to rehearse the skit due to the unavailability of 2 participants who were busy preparing for the Folk Dance. There were over 20 competitions and all were busy in their own world. I ran around and made things fine and bought/hired the required materials

On Tuesday, it all began. I had 2 competitions on this day. Firstly, the skit. It was marvellous. All college was booming. The audience gave a standing ovation for our skit. The theme of the skit was its biggest strength. Before I describe the skit, let me announce that the skit is our thought, our opinion, our feeling and our effort to spread a good message in the hearts of people. It has got nothing to do with others. All characters are fictional. No comments for alteration, deletions, etc will be entertained. Further, if you copy or take reference of this skit anywhere, you are doing it at your own risk

It so happens that an army officer dies in war leaving behind his wife who is pregnant. The child grows under terrible conditions. He develops hatred for the army right from his birth. Further, the terrorists will be on a plan to attack the nation for which they need some Indians who can work for them. One of the militants approaches him and initiates him to join the terrorist groups. He refuses. However, he is induced by the money and agrees to go. The next morning, he starts packing to make a move. However, he is interrupted by his mother. Here begins the climax. Every moment in this scene is very well structured and even a second delay can have a very bad effect on the theme

Note: The skit is performed in Hindi. However, I have written the dialogues in English for easy understanding. The dialogues in Hindi are more appropriate and effective too

Mother: Where are you going in the early morning

Son: (confused) (And then gets an idea) I got a job

Mother: (very happy) What a great news! I'll prepare some sweet for you

Son: (resisting) Oh, I am getting late. I must move

Mother: I'll get it in a moment

On the way, she finds a bag with lots of money and a gun too

Mother: (astonished) What is this?

Son: Nothing, this is my advance for the job

Mother: Tell me the truth

Son: I am going to join terrorist groups and fight Jehad. I am a muslim and I will fight Jehad

Mother: A muslim is not the one who, in the name of Jehad, spread terrorism and kill people. Musalman means Musallam-e-Emaan. The one who is honest is a muslim. If you want to fight, fight for the nation, not against it

At this moment, the war scene begins in the background. On one side, there are 2 soldiers and on the other side, there are 2 militants

Son: What will I get if I fight for the nation. My father fought for the nation and died. You got the title of a widow and I lost the love of father. Tell me, why should I fight for the nation which has given nothing to me

Mother: Dont ask, what the nation has given you. Ask, what you have given to the nation

At this point, one among the militants collapses

Son: You are gone mad. I dont want to waste my life living with you. I want to get money and enjoy life

Mother tries to stop but the son pushes her out of his way, in anger. At this moment, one of the soldiers dies. The son starts packing. The mother comes back with her hands locked back

Mother: Listen son, we are from a family where we have loved the nation more than our lives. (At this point, another militant falls but, he is not yet dead, and only one soldier is left in the background. He takes the national flag and starts moving in the background). Your father has laid down his life in service of 'Mother India'. And you are his son. So, you have to follow his footsteps

The son starts laughing. An uncontrollable laughter is seen on his face blended with anger, frustration and ill thoughts

Mother: Please understand what I am telling you. What will you get by killing thousands of innocent people by becoming a terrorist

The son shouts and stands up with his bag. When he stands up, the half-dead militant shoots the soldier. This signifies that the rise of terrorism makes the flag go down

Son: I will become a terrorist and destroy the entire nation

At this point, the soldier is falling down

But then, the mother unfolds her locked hands which held a knife within and stabs the son to death. Simultaneously, the soldier throws a bomb towards the militant and ensures that the militant is dead. When the soldier is dying, the son is also dying. The soldier doesn't find a strong base to hold the flag and so, he puts the bottom of the flag into his belly ensuring that it stands stiff, salutes it and lays down his life for the victory of the nation

The mother weeps in the name of Allah for having tested her to such an extent

But finally, she says-"What if I killed my son, he was a cheat. I have saved thousands of innocent sons of thousands of innocent people. More than this, I am happy, as my nation is safe"

And then, the concluding song begins. All the 6 participants (Mother played by Priyanka, Son played by me, 2 terrorists played by Sikandar and Vikram Singh, 2 soldiers played by Deepak Hosamani and Mahesh Kalyanshettar) get together on the stage with the Indian flag in the hands of the mother-Desh Mata and dance together asking for peace, unity and brotherhood

Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai
Sabse pyaara gulsitaan hamara hai
Sadiyoan se Bharat bhoomi duniya ki shaan hai
Bharat maa ki raksha mein jeevan kurbaan hai

All comes to an end. But then, that standing ovation with tears in the eyes of the audience was more worthy to watch for me and I felt, it was a new beginning and we were successful in giving the message. It was a splendid play and we seriously deserved it

The next event in which I had participate was the collage where I had to put together some paper and magazine cuttings that would emphasize on the given theme. The theme given was,-"India Today" and I prepared a nice one. I made a lot of effort. I bordered the sheet with the logos of the Indian companies and also, multinationals to signify the changing corporate world. I included all necessary information, important people, sports, some humor, etc and finally, after a 2 hour effort, I could feel some happiness in my heart

On Wednesday, which was going to be a big day for everyone, I moved to the college early and started planning for the activities. I had to participate in 2 activities. Firstly, the Once-Act play and next, the English Elocution. All the preparations went well and its really hard for me to describe the whole day. So, I am putting up some photos for the day which will show all the activities. It was all a fantastic day. We performed the one-act play. It went good. And then, I did the elocution also. It was OK too. Further, I was told that no one from our college is participating in a competition called as 'Installation'. I just inquired what it was. It was an activity to make the 'Best out of Waste'. We have to use all waste materials and prepare something good out of it. I ignored it. But then, I started getting a feeling that, if I just participate, I might get some prize and that would be helpful to the college team. Anyhow, I had to wait up to 7 pm for the prize distribution ceremony and it was 4.30 pm then. So, instead of wasting time, I collected some waste materials and went to participate. I joined things and constructed a home. It was good to look at. But then, almost all other participants used new materials like new ice cream sticks, CDs, bottles, etc to create some fashionable items. And then, the judges came to see our displays. They scolded all the people who made use of new materials telling that, it was violation of rules and thats not called installation. When they came near mine, I could see some glitter on their face and the said,-"Well done!". I just felt happy for my work was liked and appreciated. It was more than enough for me that, without any knowledge or preparation, I could do something

We kept enjoying in the auditorium and the function began around 8 pm. The prizes were distributed and it was a delight for me

Our one-act play stood third

Our skit (Desh-Mata) won the first place. Of course! It had to

And me, a package of surprise

1st in Collage. I was expecting this

1st in Installation. My God! This was just a pearl coming free with gold. I couldn't believe at the first instant. But then, the people around me made me realise it

However, I was really sad for I could not perform better enough to win in the elocution

And then, the big news came. "Jagadguru Gangadhar College of Commerce have won the YouthFest 2007". It was such a heart throbbing moment. My goodness, all the effort of over 10 days had reaped fruits today. I almost cried. It was the time to celebrate. Not just the participants and students, but even the teachers joined the party. It was a big honour for them too

After all this, me, as usual, Seva Paramodharmaha, I arranged everything and made things neat and tidy and packed the costumes that we had hired. At around 10.30 pm, I went and handed over them to the owner and reached home by 11 pm

And today, I just got up and saved copies of photos and videos. We had planned a lunch today. It was a nice time spent along with everyone. And then, I came home and started completing my uncompleted works. And after completing everything, this is the final work which stands completed too

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