Wednesday, 12 September 2007

An introduction to Puneet

Puneet is a small guy with aims to make it big in life, just like everyone

Puneet is a simple person with lots of complexities of life

Puneet is now studying his Bachelors in the field of Commerce

Puneet is an Ajeet, a student of Sainilk School, Bijapur

Puneet is having lots of plans to make the world a beautiful place

Puneet is interested in everything that life has given

Puneet is a vegetarian

Puneet is a good football player and also learning tennis these days

Puneet is also the designer of certain websites like, his college website

Puneet is a friend to everyone

Puneet is me (the one in the red jacket)

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  1. Congratulations!!! Puneet on taking your wonderful blog to new heights. That's really great. Proud to be the reader of your blog (owner too ) Keep Rocking!!! Yes, now the stage is open to you to speak a few words about taking your blog to new heights!!!

  2. @pri2787
    Thank you so much!!!