Thursday, 13 September 2007

Its 8.30 am, 13th September 2007...

Well, today is 13th September 2007, Thursday. Its 8.30 am now. I always have a feeling that 13 is my lucky number but I don't know how far this feeling is true
Lets have a look at what my astrology says today and try to predict what is going to happen

At Yahoo! Astrology, I found the following
A small change you made weeks ago has created huge improvements you'll see today. You're going to need to try something a little different to handle your debt issues. Even if you're not buried under a mountain of plastic, you still need to handle the situation with a bit more finesse. A small change you made weeks ago has created a huge improvement in your life, and you will start noticing the rewards of your efforts today. Very soon, you'll be able to kick back, put your feet up, and let someone else worry about things for a while. Being passive isn't a character flaw ... it's an element of every balanced person's personality. Your quest for balance has been very successful, and this is one of the few final elements to incorporate into your life. When a veritable map of possible roads opens up before you, the potential routes may be daunting. Pull out your glasses, check your internal compass, and pick the path that best fits your career ambitions and goals

MSN Astrology says that
Today you could feel pushed and pulled by powerful personalities, Puneet. You may have a friend or acquaintance with a very assertive nature. This person could be in a particularly demanding mood. Or you might have family members who suddenly require lots of attention. If your phone is ringing off the hook and you keep getting dragged into long discussions, try to be patient. Stay focused and don't panic!

So, in all, its going to be a difficult day in all respects, viz, physical, financial, mental, etc. And with all this, I have to begin my CA preparations too. So, What is Puneet planning to do today? Nothing new, the same thing that I plan to do everyday but have never been able to do- study. But then, its the most essential aspect of our lives and we got to achieve academic excellence for being bold in this modern world. So, I have to plan again and go on
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said-"Dreams, dreams, dreams. Dreams turn into thoughts and thoughts turn into action"

So, its time dream again. Think again and start doing. So, what am I gonna do today? Lets make a rough estimate. I have to study around 4000 pages for the CA exams, around 40 chapters for BCom exams, around 1000 pages for the CAT exam. And hey, I am also giving my CDS exam on the coming Sunday. Plus, there are hell lot of activities like the College Youth Festival, Rotary Youth Festival, etc. And also the college internal exams, labs, etc which I can't miss. So, how am I supposed to go ahead

Lets apply simple arithmetic. There are 4000 pages for CA exam and 1000 pages for CAT and I have 50 days to go. So, that should be 100 pages a day (4000+1000=5000, 5000/50=100). Sounds unrealistic, rather foolish

But whats the harm in trying out. If I am able to cover just 50 pages also, I can at least pass the exam. Come on man! 'Where there is a will, there is a way.' If the God has created a problem, he has also kept the solution ready. Now, let me stop here. I got to go for bath, get ready and get started on the mission. And yeah, I have to study at least 1 chapter (around 40 pages) of BCom also. So, it comes to around 140 pages a day. :-)

Wish me all the best and let me put in my best. And I am sure, if I am able to put in my best, I will definitely yield the best too

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached

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