Tuesday, 18 September 2007

The morning post for 18 Sep 2007

Its raining heavily here. Perhaps, the Rain God has got a lot of love for us and all this is showering upon us from yesterday evening till now

As of today, I just woke up around 8 am and was reading the magazine. I remembered about the debate and got on to the PC to read the information relating to the topic

Yesterday went fine. Life was cool, quiet and simple. Some peace was seen. Although there was no academic progress, the mind got some freedom. I got another issue of 'Business Today' today. So, I read that in the evening till night. And yes, there's some debate competition selection today, so, I am also busy in searching the data for that

Just hope that today goes fine and today, I have to also start some good academic progress. Else, with just around 40 days to go, I am bound to fail in the exams

Haan yehi rasta hai tera, Tune ab jaana hai
Haan yehi sapna hai tera, Tune pechana hai
Tujhe ab yeh dikhana hai
Roke tujhko aandhiyaan
Ya jameen aur aasmaan
Paayega jo lakshya hai tera
Lakkshya tho har haal mein paana hai


  1. :) I love reading personal posts....and its quite old too....good that you have an age old blog.... 

  2. thanks @twitter-99253055:disqus :) yeah, its a quite old one...