Wednesday, 12 September 2007

My CA exam is coming soon...

To start it from the basics, I begun life with academic brilliance. However, as time passed, I started losing down on the field. But I never went below 80% till 5th standard
From then, I joined Sainik School, Bijapur. Life was a little tough there. And I was personally involved in activities of the school. My scores started moving good in the range of 70s. It was a good score considering the activities too. But all the activities have taught me life. I am grateful to that life
In 10th, I came back to track and scored pretty well. But again, in 11th and 12th, the responsibilities were high and I was unable to perform well in the academics
And unfortunately, I failed in Class 12th in 1 subject. But then, I cleared it the very next month through the compartment exams. Thus, it was not much disheartening
Life took a turn then. I joined a job and started working. I also continued studies through correspondence course from ICFAI
Yet again, a change happened and after everything (its a big story, will write later), I ended up in J G College of Commerce for my BCom and simultaneously joined the Chartered Accountancy course
Well, chartered accountancy, one of the most difficult academic courses, and me, doing it, there was no meaning in it. People laughed
But everyone got to know what I am when I cleared my PE-I exam in the first shot and scored a top 96% in my BCom exams

I also cleared the foundation exam of ICWAI

It was the beginning of another era of academic brilliance

Till May 2007, academic life went up with a full boom
However, my CA PE-II exam in May put a stop to everything
I could not clear the exam

My next attempt is due in Nov 2007

To be exact, its 50 days to go
And honestly, I am still blank about the exam. I am yet to begin my studies. I am yet to plan out things and get started. Some people who have been writing the exam for the past 3 or 4 years, have not yet cleared it. The syllabus is so tough and vast that it is not seriously possible to study in 1 year's time too

And now, Puneet wants to complete it in 50 days and also, succeed in the exam. Only God knows what is cooking for me. But let me make some honest efforts and try my best. They say-Honest efforts always fetch fruits. Let me just get the passing marks. From now, I have decided to make efforts in this direction and track life and analyze how life is moving? I wish to know how time is moving out? I want to inquire why I have been unable to study for the exam? I want to introspect and learn from this

This is gonna be a great experience

And when I succeed, it will be a ... no words to say that


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