Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Night @ 9, - Mera jeevan kora kaagaz, kora hi reh gaya

Nothing is gonna happen. I am born to lose and I will keep losing. F**k about studies, there is not even a single moment of peace in life. What the hell these people are? They just suck. They are all liars, cheats, bluffmasters, idiots and people who dont have even the slightest thought of what they are doing. Shame on them. And me, I am big fool. Even after being cheated in the same way for years together, I am still with such people and I trust them and expect them to be good human beings in the days to come. Is it possible? Impossible. These are b*****s who will never ever understand life. They are rich enough and have no problems in life. And such idiots make efforts to spoil our lives. Finally, who suffers in the world is the poor. The rich will either hire a lawyer or get a bail but the poor has only 1 option, death. Either the court will hang him or he will hang himself. What a great world our God has designed for us! Hats off to Him. Just yesterday, I thought I will do some productive activity and now, its all smashed, smashed down to such a level that I can never ever think about it again

Dont we have even the freedom to speak? Dont we have the freedom to do what we wish? Is it a compulsion that we must always to what others tell? Dont we have our senses? I have been requesting people not to have wrong thoughts. They always make attempt to spoil things and ensure that nothing goes smooth. Today, I could not keep silent. I broke out and shouted. What else could I do? I have tried numerous times to make them understand but they never want to listen. They are so worst. They are not human beings. In fact, I should have killed them. At least the world would be peaceful. And I would also stay peacefully in a jail or die. How much can a person take? Is there no limit to get blamed? Why are people making efforts to tie us in a prison? Why do the people want us to be what they want? Why do people want to shape our lives as they wish? Why do they make efforts to pull us down in life? Why are they so selfish? Why do they have wrong concepts and thoughts? Why do they lie? Why do they cheat? Why do they promise on fake things? Why God why? And why did you chose me only to suffer in their hands? Why are you doing all this with me? Why don't you give an end to everything or at least give an end to my life...

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