Saturday, 22 September 2007

Some relief after a hell of drama- 22 Sep 2007, 10 pm...

Well, today was a real hectic day. I got up very early, around 8 am, and right from that moment till now, I have not had time for anything other than my commitments. I had to be in college early and I reached at the right time. Further, we were supposed to begin the rehearsal for our drama and skit by 10. However, it was delayed due to the absence of one of the members. At 11.30, we had selections for the college debate team. However, I faced some serious problems at this point from the people. Luckily, the selections were postponed to 2.30 pm. We could begin the pratice by 11.30. It was a good shot and we performed well. The skit too was a beautiful performance. We were performing 2 activites. The first one being a one-act play (drama) on the old age system of making people as slaves and the abolishing of the system. The second one is a skit about the militants and their dealings in our nation. I will put up a detailed description of these items when I find some time. I was glad to take a lead role in both the activities and very happy too. Further, I derived more happiness for I could fit into these roles as the characters required. Being negative roles, no one expected that I would be able to do it. However, people are aware that I am a 'Surprise Package!'. Further, I faced a lot of problem in convincing people who had become very rigid on participation in debate. But somehow, I could turn things in our favor and make things move. I quit from one train and jumped to the other so that the former train could accomodate people. I decided to do elocution in lieu of debate. The topic that I need to speak about is-'Role of educational institutions in the present scenario'. Glad to receive a topic on which I always love to speak. They say,"All that ends well is well done". I can say this today. After fighting for all these days, today, I could see some real happiness from the heart within. This is not very strong yet. However, its definitely soothing. Today, I also received a call from Kori sir who has invited me for the opening of his institution-Atma, tomorrow at 8.30 am. However, I am supposed to be in the college by 9.30 am for these events. There is a little mix up which I will need to manage tomorrow. Well, I am born to run through such mix ups. And today, I have also taken up the activities that were left uncompleted after Teachers' Day. Its the final phase of the splendid function that we organised in the college. Everyone is so excited even today and even after over 15 days, people can still remember the day's scenes. Now, the final phase of activity is to make the videos and photos of the memorable day available to everyone. We have titled it-"Rejoicing Teachers' Day 2007". The task will get completed on monday. However, due to the busy schedules on monday with respect to the youthfest activities, it may be postponed to a few days. After this particular activity, I can say that the Teachers' Day activities have come to an end. I think, people reading this might call me a fool. All the people in the world have ended this day way back on Sep 5 and I am still continuing plans on that. Most of the times, things take such a shape in my life. Its very common. Its getting too late. I have missed out narrating some things. I'll make an attempt to get back to this day, whenever possible. Good night

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