Thursday, 11 October 2007

11 Oct 2007- A defining step for life...

A day which can be called as one among the most significant day of my life. Today, I have taken some strong steps for the life process. All these days, I have been speaking about studies. But then, nothing is getting possible. Alls happening in dreams alone. And unfortunately, in the real world, I have not been able to do anything. Every moment of life is moving out of reach and I am still there, where I was long back. There has been no growth in life, rather, there has been degradation

For a long time, I have been thinking of getting into real work and get real growth. And today, I have taken the step for that. In fact, I was planning for all this from over 3 days and so, I was not able to update the blog. The plan that I have made is really too big. It will need a lot of effort and sacrifice too. I need to stay concentrated and dedicated. I will be taking a huge risk as my studies are at stake. Personally, I am feeling a little low as academics is a very crucial aspect in the long term. However, for me, I cant keep waiting for that. Due to various limitations that the life has imposed over me, I will have to get on to find solutions. Solutions for the short term. Solutions to survive today. Life is in such a mode that, I am not in a position to think about the future, because, future can come, only if I survive today

Having thought all this, I am moving ahead with some additional plans for life. As Swami Vivekananda says, "Work makes a person's heart and mind pure, thereby, making him ready to learn". So, this can also be an inspiration to get a simultaneously boost for my academics too
The plans are very big. I shall start exposing them as and when time comes. Till then, let they remain in me so that I can keep adding better shape to it and get the best in the final output
Today was again a blissful day. I got up early at around 6.30 am and washed my bike and my dad's activa too. I had informed my close friends to join me at around 8.15 am so that I could inform everyone and seek their support and advice in what I am going to do from now. After all, the love of people is the most precious and the strongest inspiration one can get. I had a quick bath, prayed the God and got ready. After vehicle pooja, I moved to Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Being Thursday, it was his day. In a few moments, my friends too were there. We offered our praying to God and then, I presented the plan along with my partner in this plan before others. All were happy for this. But then, everyone was having a little sadness in their eyes as I will be definitely losing some academic success. So, I am thinking on these lines. Everyone is suggesting me to forget all this and just study. And I know, everyone will definitely say this because no one knows the truth of my life for which I am helpless

After this, I moved on with other works and the activity got a kick start today. We bought some good shares and moved back home. Now, just making some effort to find good shares, speaking to different people, experts, etc

I know that its going to be a hectic task. But I have to move on and I will...

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