Thursday, 25 October 2007

What the hell title ???

Life is a such a tragic event. Sri Krishma Paramatma himself has told in BhagwadGita that the earth is a world of wrongs/mistakes. It is a treasure of sadness. However, many might not feel so. Many are very happy on earth. So, where is their treasure (of sadness). Who has stolen it? Well, the answer is me. I have stolen all the sadness in this world and kept it with me. Life is just a sad saga- an event of setbacks for me. Never ever have i been able to do anything that I wish. Why at least I am living this life which is sucking everything off me? For what mistake of mine am I suffering so much? I guess, the mistake is that I am not in my senses. I have lost my senses. They say that the senses are the drivers. And all my drivers are driving to wrong directions. One needs to emphasize a very good control on one's senses. If not, it can be very dangerous. I am in such a position of life that I am unable to do anything. Neither study, nor work, nor anything. The people for whom I sacrificed everything are today asking me to get out from their lives. I have become a nuisance to them. Well, at least they be happy. Life has taken me to such a place that the only option left is to say-'Goodbye life' so that my loved ones can at least stay happy

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  1. Dude... Did your family found you in some 'kumbh-ka-mela'?? Do you have a 'til'/mole on your right arm & neck? You look like my long lost 'twin' brother!!! Replace "Puneetkumar Pattar" with my name and your blog seems to be the story of my life too...

    Don't dispair buddy! Everyone has his share of ups and downs - though with out lives it seems that there are only downs and downs... but don't you worry.. the deeper you go down - sweeter will be 'our' rise!! I assure you and guarantee you - we will rise brother - one day we will!!

    Just checked the time-stamp on your post - Thank God, you are still alive!!! I was about to give you my cell number and ask you to call me up and listen to your story and ask you not to "say 'Goodbye'"!!!

    Man, you scared the sh*t out of me!!!