Thursday, 18 October 2007

Why my life?

Why is the whole world behind my life? What have I done to whom that the God is killing me? If you intend to kill me, why dont you kill me in a shot? Why is the world torturing my family? What have I done God, what have I done? Why dont you kill us all in a single shot? Why are you pulling our death? Please kill me now, this moment, please kill me, please. For what are you punishing me? Tell me my mistake. What have I done? Why is everyone behind money? Is money everything in life? I am a poor person. I will definitely say this. But now, yes, I am feeling it. Money is everything in life. If you have money, you have comfort, you have life, you have friends, your relatives will speak to you, you will be welcome everywhere. And if you dont have money, you will be kicked out. Your own lover, your own, your own parents, your own children may hate you. Why God, why do you go to only few people and keep the others in such a dumped position? What have we done?

We dont want to be rich God, just help us by giving us a square meal and adding peace to life. Please, please help me. I have lost all the trust on everything in life. People find me painsome now. When I speak out my problem to others, they treat me as a burden and run away. But when they have a problem, I have even played on my life to solve it. Why did you give such a life to me? The people for whom I have done everything are taking me as a pain today. I have been crying from 1 year from my heart. But today, I am unable to hold these tears anymore. They are out. Is there anyone who can hear me? Is there someone called as God? Please come here and see my posotion. I have lost it all. I have lost everything. I did everything for the people who I loved. I fell, I was stamped, I cried, I begged, I did everything. And today, my words are a pain to them. I solved their problems. And now, my problems are a pain to them. How can I trust such people?
This world is full of cheats. The only thing the people are worried about is money, money and just money. I never thought that I would be cheated so badly. Life is such a hell. I wasted all these days caring for them and their needs and forgot to think about myself. And now, when they are happy, if I ask them a small help, they... Forget it. It just sucks

There is no one for me in this world. I have ended every relationship with everyone. If there is someone called as God, let him see me and realise my position. Even he will feel the pain. Please help me, someone, please help

God please...

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