Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st post after renovation...

After all the renovation work of my blog, things have become better. From the earlier dim green to sexy black, the tranformation is a symbol of active movement not just on the blog, but in my life too. They say, Black n White are the best color combinations and today, its been proved too. I am very glad and happy to see this change. My blog has not attracted much traffic till now. I need to promote my blog now to ensure that I get good number of visits each day. I'll start this work as soon as possible

Coming back to life. A few more exams to go. Hmmm... I am writing about my exams right from the day I started this blog and even till now, the exams have not ended. Nor will they end anytime in the near future. Things are really tough as I always mentioned

And hey, Happy New Month everyone...

This is the last month of the year 2007. Another 31 days from now, we will step into 2008. I need to concentrate on a lot of things this month

LIC sales have to improve now as I have been inactive from August 2007. Its the sole source of income for me. And the situation has become worse financially as I have not done any business from over 4 months. So, its time to break out of this passive life and make some activity

I need to prepare for NCFM and I am with plans to start a brokerage business too. The business plan is being prepared to cover the entire financial spree. I will come out with the project report and complete details once I am planned

For the moment, I am still into the business of exams

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