Sunday, 4 November 2007

After a long time...

After a very long time, I am writing this blog post. All these I was not able to blog. Reason- I was either busy or I was lazy. Things seem very difficult. Life is moving on average lines. Lot of financial adjustments, commitments, etc. And with all this, my CA exams too have begun. Already completed 3 exams. Another 3 to go. No personal interest at all. All the hope, interest, etc is lost and nothing remains alive. Not even a single exam went fine. It pains a lot to feel all this but there is no option which I can exercise either. I have to suffer for all these pains. And yes, I have faced another very crucial problem in life. It was almost going to be a big blunder. Thanks to people that it was solved before it would give an end to my life. I can never forgive myself for all that has happened. All I can do is beg the God to forgive me. I know that I moved on some wrong paths. But those were situations that drove me. But today, I am happy that, with God's grace and his support, I have overcome such mistakes by doing right things

We can not change the wrongs done by us and be good because facts can't be changed. Yesterday has gone. Be it good or bad, happy or sad, beautiful or ugly, be it whatever, its over. Yesterday come to an end. It will never come
But then, there is a tomorrow waiting for you. A tomorrow which you can keep good, happy and beautiful too. We can't change the facts of yesterday but we can build a strong today. And this strong today will make our tomorrow so strong that yesterday will lose its significance. And one fine tomorrow, you will find that, that bad yesterday has died. All that waits is a happy tomorrow

This is what I have learnt from this terrible experience. No one around me knows this because I never made anyone feel that I was ever in such a condition. I kept everything to myself and went on. A million thanks to people who helped me in solving this problem. And my heads down to the lord's feet for his support in such times. There are some serious changes that I have inculcated in life. I shall get stronger on these and start revealing them with time

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