Saturday, 24 November 2007

Get set go...

A lot many days have passed since I ever updated this blog. I started this blog with an intention to put up my life on the internet so that I can keep myself updated with my life. I had an aim to ensure that I am moving on the right paths and I keep this life moving well. I also wished that I can tell the world about my activities. Well, due to heavy engagements in life, I have not been update the blog. Further, due to the internet limitations of 1 GB usage, which is too less, I stop myself from doing this work. Well, life has been a beautiful bed of thorns, as always. Lots of tensions, lots of problems, lots of confusions and all that stuff. I have been engaged in lots of activities that make me very busy in work. I just thought I will update my daily cycle now

The day begins little late, however, although I am on the bed, I wont be asleep. Every thought about what may happen today, specially, what is going to happen in the share markets, worries me a lot. Although, physically I get up around 7.30 or 8, I am awake by 5.30 , 4.30, 3.30 or sometimes, I hardly sleep. After getting up, I rush out of the house as soon as possible because of many limitations at home. I usually move to the college. Further, I am preoccupied with the market movements, buying, selling, etc. Alongwith this, I am also supposed to study for my CA Examinations which are one of the toughest tests in the world. I also need to look up my BCom examinations which are going on now. With all this, I also do my LIC work and Mutual Fund selling too. I am also a distributor for Reliance Money Demat accounts and so, I am also supposed to spend time for this work too. Not just this, these days, I have also started preparing for the NCFM Examinations (NSE's Certification in Financial Markets). This is getting tough each moment

With all these preoccupations, I also need to spend time with friends and family

Recently, one of my client, Prof S B Nadagouda was surprised to know that I am an active LIC Agent and I do it alongwith my studies. He would me more surprised to read this blog and know that I am engaged in many such activities

I am now planning to get more serious about my activities. I am in talks with some people for a business plan. I think I will be geting started with the project sooner. I have also applied for internships with DSP Merill Lynch, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachhs, etc and awaiting their responses

In simple, life is yet again a big ocean with lots of things. Opportunities, hurdles, problems, solutions, ease, difficulty and all that

I am swimming along to reach my goals, reach them, set new goals and again get set to reach them

All I can say is GET SET GO !!!

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