Friday, 9 November 2007

Things looking dull...

Well, the CA Exams are over. I have not performed well and I am sure I will have to find a well when the results are out. I dont understand why life is at such a testing phase and nothing is moving fine. Neither am I able to study nor am I able to work nor am I able to concentrate nor am I doing anything. For that matter, I am almost like a helpless dog lying on the streets. Everything seems impossible. Stress, frustration, humiliation, pain ahve increased to such an extent that I have become paralyzed with them. Whats happening? Why am I sleeping? Where has all that energy gone? These are just some questions for which I have been finding answers from the past 1 year but have not been successful. Life has taken a totally different shape these days. Well, let me wait and watch where this path is leading me...

1 comment:

  1. Cheer up , you are on a hyper run now ! take things easy and also know that an exam like CA requires absolute and absolute dedication , I still feel you will make it , even if you dont never worry , I know quite a bunch of ex-CA guys who made much better life then their CA counter-parts. systematic planning brings result in anything you do , are you doing it ???

    Raju Hiremath Roll no:618