Saturday, 8 December 2007

Aaja nachle... NCFM Exams cleared... Hurray...

Yes, its time to celebrate, its time to cherish the success achieved, its time to shout out to the world that I have started the move towards my business plans with a bang!

Guess What?

I cleared both the NCFM Exams !!!

The level of excitement is so high and I am very happy for this. My sincere thanks to the God for his support and millions of thanks to Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati for their timely support. I was not in a position to pay the fees for my exam. But then, luckily I got my dad's credit card using which I transferred the fees of Rs 2000. I got fired as my dad thought it was worthless. Even I felt bad that I wasted so much money for something in which I was certain to fail. The simple reason being that I never studied anything for the same. Due to certain situations that arised, I was very upset and I felt that it was a waste of money here too. But then, things took a turn

For my Capital Market exams, I studied a lot. I covered 3 chapters in a single day. I was more confident about this exam compared to the second one. As I trade in shares, I do possess a good knowledge of the process, etc. I managed to study as much as possible. I stepped into the exam hall, almost hopelessly, just for the purpose of showing my presence. I thought, let me put in my best. However, I am supposed to be here for an hour and instead of sitting idle, let me try to do something. Things took a U-turn immediately. I started answering the questions with a lot of thought and interest. Some guarantees, some guesses, some on logic, some on lottery :-), some on experience, some on previous day's study and so on. I started feeling that I can succeed. I suddenly thought about my business plans and felt that I need to get a little more serious. I started making efforts using the trial and error method, odd answer eliminatons, etc. It, being an objective type of examination, was easy from one angle but difficult from the other. And unfortunately, there was negative marking too. I did my best and closed my eyes, prayed to God, and submitted the paper. And a million thanks to him, I got 68.5% and cleared the exam. I was so excited. A sigh of relief passed through me. More importantly, my 1000 rupees did not go waste


The moment I came out of the exam block, I felt that the lady luck was with me. I started thinking about the next exam, ie, Derivatives Module or Futures and Options Markets. It was something completely new to me. I was confused as to what has to be done. But then, people started celebrating my success. And their expectation was so high from me. They were more confident than me that I will clear even the second exam too. Come on, is this a fairy tale? Even then, they said that I will definitely clear the exam. I came home and my head was bursting. Due to all this road renovation going on in this city, the traffic has become hell. I was almost feeling like cutting my head and throwing it away. Seriously. It was paining too much. So much that I was not even able to lay down with my eyes closed. I managed to get a Saridon and slept. I woke up around 10.30 for my dinner. After the food, I was feeling a little comfortable. Then, I thought about the exam next day. I knew that I will definitely fail. I don't even know that ABC of Derivatives. And not feeling healthy too. I just took the book and started reading. It was very interesting. But I was feeling sleepy too

Suddenly, I thought-"Today is an opportunity. I can make the best of it and be successful now itself. Else, I will have to wait for the next exam (around 3-5 months). 1 night or 3 months?" The moment I got this thought, all sleep was killed. I sat firm and went on
It was midnight 12
12 turned to 1
1 to 2
2 to 3
3 to 4
4 to 5
5 to 6

Everyone at my home started firing at me. I was being scolded many a times at night for having not slept. But then, this was a serious moment for me and I did not bother much. And more importantly, my dad was moving to Nagpur for a 15 days Training Course and I was supposed to drop him at 7.30 in the morning
6 to 7
And it was over

I completed studying the entire derivatives module. It was like me flying over the clouds. Unlimited joy. After all, a whole night's sleep was sacrificed for this
I had a quick bath and went with family to drop dad to the railway station. The train was delayed and I had to be there till 10. After that, I moved home, had breakfast and went to the exam
What more can you expect now?

It was a rocking performance. I completed the exam within 25 minutes while the timing scheduled is 2 hours. I knew that I will definitely score more than 60% which is the requirement to pass. I waited for some time. One hour was up. I couldn't wait anymore to celebrate the joy. I submitted the test
And guess what!!!
An awesome score of 77% in the exam
I was very happy for my efforts fetched fruits and again, I saved my 1000 rupees :-)

A million thanks to the God, my parents and my wellwishers whose confidence in me was one of the strongest force that influenced me to study all night

I wanted to have a blast after this. However, my dear friend, Sachin just missed it by a small margin and this saddened me a lot. He could have easily cleared it if he would have paid a little more attention, just a little more

I remembered my Class XIIth days when I too failed in Physics by just 4 marks. Those 4 marks are still having an impact on my life, a strong impact. Even after creating academic records at my college, I still feel bad for those 4 marks

Nevertheless, life is an ocean of these pains and happiness

Nothing is permanent but change

I left for the day with content and satisfaction

With this, I can say that I have cleared the first hurdle in setting up my business

Not just cleared, cleared it in style baby!!!

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