Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Ab kya karein...

Well, the 5th sem exams for BCom are over

And as mentioned earlier, even CA exams, CAT, CDS, etc have also said ALVIDAAA... Thank God

I just thought I will have a look at my performance check
As for as CA exams are concerned, it was a nightmare. Those 6 subjects are just hell. I was just praying God to help me cross over these as soon as possible. I know I am going to flunk in this exam. But I am not bothered much because that doesn't have much relevance to me. I started this CA race with a lot of plans and a commitment to seriously make a career in this. But things have not shaped up as I expected due to which I have not been able to concentrate into this. But then, picture abhi khatam nahi hua hai...
CAT, Hmmm..., waste of Rs 1100 (form fees) + 40 (courier charges) + 700 (Going to B'lore to write exams and back). Thus, a total loss of Rs. 1840 :-(. I just feel that it was a nice trip to Bangalore. Not that nice too. In fact, I was not even able to meet many of my friends. Just Kudda Mallya, Gurya n RD. Because of the lack of time and the urgency to return back the next day because of the BCom exams, I had to rush. The exam was on sunday and BCom exams would commence from monday. I had taken a reservation for the return journey by Channamma Express that night. However, I thought I will come back in the afternoon and cancel the ticket. But then, I changed my mind as one of my friend, Deepak, was also at Bangalore. I went to his uncle's house where he had haulted. We studied for some time. We were so tired that our eyes were almost getting closed each moment. In the evening, we went out to get a cell phone for his uncle. And then, we went to the railway station. I got a free upgrade to AC 3 tier. And you won't believe, we were 4 in the train, all in different bogies. There were around 800 people travelling like us. A few lucky people (around 30) got this upgrade. And we all were in that lucky list. Moreover, I was actually in the waiting list. It was a good journey. And yeah, not to forget, we continued studying for the next day's exam, Financial Management

CDS was a an unexpected strike. I never thought I will write this exam. But I dont know how and why, I just went on, took the form, mailed it, wrote the exam. It was OK. What I feel is, I have performed well, but I may not be able to qualify into the top few who get the call for interview. I was surprised to find some of my SSBJ friends at the test. In fact, we are built for this and defence is in every Ajeet's blood but unfortunately, not all have it in their fate. Keshav and Vinay surprised me by their presence in the exam. In fact, they were more surprised to see me there. It was a very hectic exam. 3 papers on a single day. It started from 9 am and ended at 5 pm. 9 to 11, 12 to 2, 3 to 5. Sounds like some primary exam timings. But then, the level of difficulty is too high. It is no less than an IAS exam. In fact, it should have been more competitive if more Indians were interested in defence. Aayega, aayega, yeh din bhi jaroor aayega jab log defence ko ek career ke taur pe treat karenge. Its a nobel profession with great honors. I'd love to be into it. But these days, as things have taken a new shape, I am not able to deeply think about this

Then the big boss, BCom. I have always been saying, Life has become a bloody hell because of this. Not because of the exams, but because of this course. The course is very good but we never learnt it. Hardly, any classes are being conducted in the college. Teachers hain tho students nahi aur students hai to teachers nahi. Further, this being the college in the heart of the city and famous for its notorious activities, you can imagine, what is the fate of the people here. Hardly does anyone comes to teach or learn. Its more like a club than a college. But then, we love it. There is no one to be blamed for this. Parampara hai bhai! 1947 main yeh college ka birth hua hai. Shayad issi liye, British log bhi yahaan se bhaag gaye... 60 years of existence now. Almost 90% of the students are all children of businessmen. They are nowhere bothered about life. Because, this is not going to matter them at all. Let they fail or pass, their ultimate destination is the shop, wherein, they have to continue to family business. Tho, college kyun aathe hain? Arey bhaiyaa, shaadi ke time Graduation ka certificate bhi hona hai na. Nahin tho, ladki inse bhi experienced bann jaayegi...

Oh! My exams. They were good. Not that good as I perform everytime. But considering the fact that I had not studied a single word, it was better than my expectations. I am expecting the following scores in the exams. These are the minimum expectations and I am definitely going to get more than this for sure
Auditing- 53/80
Financial Management- 49/80
Computers- 53/80
Tax Procedures- 52/80
Entrepreneurship- 62/80
Statistics I- 70/80
Statistics II- 39/80
Aggregate- 378/560, ie, an average of 54 out of 80 per subject
Internal marks expected (at 18 per subject)- 126 out of 140
Total marks- 504
Percentage- 72%

This is the minimum score expected by me in the exams. So, my score will be higher than this

Ab kya karein???

Now the next big thing in my life is NCFM exams

As they are scheduled on 8th and 9th of this month, I just have 3 days for them. I need to put in the best and clear these exams. And then, I need to concentrate on trading and LIC sales too. Hmmm... hectic life na!!!

Chalo, let get back to work

Kal kare so aaj kar, Aaj kare so ab
Pal mein parlay hoyegi, bahuri karega kab

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