Thursday, 27 September 2007

JGCC rocks at Youth Festival... Fantastic Celebrations follow...

Life has been a real busy stuff in the past 3 days. I regret for the inability to blog these days. Well, I am not in a situation to put out the 3 days in details. However, I am making an effort to include as much information as possible in brief. We had been busy with the YouthFest activities. The Karnataka University Unifest 2007- Phase I was hosted by our college. It was a great event. It was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 25th and 26th days of the month of September 2007. Over 25 colleges participated in this. I had a big role to play. I knew my responsibilities well and so, I was able to concentrate and dedicate my efforts

On Monday, I spent the whole in preparations for the skit. The skit is titled as 'Desh-Mata'. I ran around the whole to arrange for the costumes, stage decoration, etc. Unfortunately, we were not able to rehearse the skit due to the unavailability of 2 participants who were busy preparing for the Folk Dance. There were over 20 competitions and all were busy in their own world. I ran around and made things fine and bought/hired the required materials

On Tuesday, it all began. I had 2 competitions on this day. Firstly, the skit. It was marvellous. All college was booming. The audience gave a standing ovation for our skit. The theme of the skit was its biggest strength. Before I describe the skit, let me announce that the skit is our thought, our opinion, our feeling and our effort to spread a good message in the hearts of people. It has got nothing to do with others. All characters are fictional. No comments for alteration, deletions, etc will be entertained. Further, if you copy or take reference of this skit anywhere, you are doing it at your own risk

It so happens that an army officer dies in war leaving behind his wife who is pregnant. The child grows under terrible conditions. He develops hatred for the army right from his birth. Further, the terrorists will be on a plan to attack the nation for which they need some Indians who can work for them. One of the militants approaches him and initiates him to join the terrorist groups. He refuses. However, he is induced by the money and agrees to go. The next morning, he starts packing to make a move. However, he is interrupted by his mother. Here begins the climax. Every moment in this scene is very well structured and even a second delay can have a very bad effect on the theme

Note: The skit is performed in Hindi. However, I have written the dialogues in English for easy understanding. The dialogues in Hindi are more appropriate and effective too

Mother: Where are you going in the early morning

Son: (confused) (And then gets an idea) I got a job

Mother: (very happy) What a great news! I'll prepare some sweet for you

Son: (resisting) Oh, I am getting late. I must move

Mother: I'll get it in a moment

On the way, she finds a bag with lots of money and a gun too

Mother: (astonished) What is this?

Son: Nothing, this is my advance for the job

Mother: Tell me the truth

Son: I am going to join terrorist groups and fight Jehad. I am a muslim and I will fight Jehad

Mother: A muslim is not the one who, in the name of Jehad, spread terrorism and kill people. Musalman means Musallam-e-Emaan. The one who is honest is a muslim. If you want to fight, fight for the nation, not against it

At this moment, the war scene begins in the background. On one side, there are 2 soldiers and on the other side, there are 2 militants

Son: What will I get if I fight for the nation. My father fought for the nation and died. You got the title of a widow and I lost the love of father. Tell me, why should I fight for the nation which has given nothing to me

Mother: Dont ask, what the nation has given you. Ask, what you have given to the nation

At this point, one among the militants collapses

Son: You are gone mad. I dont want to waste my life living with you. I want to get money and enjoy life

Mother tries to stop but the son pushes her out of his way, in anger. At this moment, one of the soldiers dies. The son starts packing. The mother comes back with her hands locked back

Mother: Listen son, we are from a family where we have loved the nation more than our lives. (At this point, another militant falls but, he is not yet dead, and only one soldier is left in the background. He takes the national flag and starts moving in the background). Your father has laid down his life in service of 'Mother India'. And you are his son. So, you have to follow his footsteps

The son starts laughing. An uncontrollable laughter is seen on his face blended with anger, frustration and ill thoughts

Mother: Please understand what I am telling you. What will you get by killing thousands of innocent people by becoming a terrorist

The son shouts and stands up with his bag. When he stands up, the half-dead militant shoots the soldier. This signifies that the rise of terrorism makes the flag go down

Son: I will become a terrorist and destroy the entire nation

At this point, the soldier is falling down

But then, the mother unfolds her locked hands which held a knife within and stabs the son to death. Simultaneously, the soldier throws a bomb towards the militant and ensures that the militant is dead. When the soldier is dying, the son is also dying. The soldier doesn't find a strong base to hold the flag and so, he puts the bottom of the flag into his belly ensuring that it stands stiff, salutes it and lays down his life for the victory of the nation

The mother weeps in the name of Allah for having tested her to such an extent

But finally, she says-"What if I killed my son, he was a cheat. I have saved thousands of innocent sons of thousands of innocent people. More than this, I am happy, as my nation is safe"

And then, the concluding song begins. All the 6 participants (Mother played by Priyanka, Son played by me, 2 terrorists played by Sikandar and Vikram Singh, 2 soldiers played by Deepak Hosamani and Mahesh Kalyanshettar) get together on the stage with the Indian flag in the hands of the mother-Desh Mata and dance together asking for peace, unity and brotherhood

Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai
Sabse pyaara gulsitaan hamara hai
Sadiyoan se Bharat bhoomi duniya ki shaan hai
Bharat maa ki raksha mein jeevan kurbaan hai

All comes to an end. But then, that standing ovation with tears in the eyes of the audience was more worthy to watch for me and I felt, it was a new beginning and we were successful in giving the message. It was a splendid play and we seriously deserved it

The next event in which I had participate was the collage where I had to put together some paper and magazine cuttings that would emphasize on the given theme. The theme given was,-"India Today" and I prepared a nice one. I made a lot of effort. I bordered the sheet with the logos of the Indian companies and also, multinationals to signify the changing corporate world. I included all necessary information, important people, sports, some humor, etc and finally, after a 2 hour effort, I could feel some happiness in my heart

On Wednesday, which was going to be a big day for everyone, I moved to the college early and started planning for the activities. I had to participate in 2 activities. Firstly, the Once-Act play and next, the English Elocution. All the preparations went well and its really hard for me to describe the whole day. So, I am putting up some photos for the day which will show all the activities. It was all a fantastic day. We performed the one-act play. It went good. And then, I did the elocution also. It was OK too. Further, I was told that no one from our college is participating in a competition called as 'Installation'. I just inquired what it was. It was an activity to make the 'Best out of Waste'. We have to use all waste materials and prepare something good out of it. I ignored it. But then, I started getting a feeling that, if I just participate, I might get some prize and that would be helpful to the college team. Anyhow, I had to wait up to 7 pm for the prize distribution ceremony and it was 4.30 pm then. So, instead of wasting time, I collected some waste materials and went to participate. I joined things and constructed a home. It was good to look at. But then, almost all other participants used new materials like new ice cream sticks, CDs, bottles, etc to create some fashionable items. And then, the judges came to see our displays. They scolded all the people who made use of new materials telling that, it was violation of rules and thats not called installation. When they came near mine, I could see some glitter on their face and the said,-"Well done!". I just felt happy for my work was liked and appreciated. It was more than enough for me that, without any knowledge or preparation, I could do something

We kept enjoying in the auditorium and the function began around 8 pm. The prizes were distributed and it was a delight for me

Our one-act play stood third

Our skit (Desh-Mata) won the first place. Of course! It had to

And me, a package of surprise

1st in Collage. I was expecting this

1st in Installation. My God! This was just a pearl coming free with gold. I couldn't believe at the first instant. But then, the people around me made me realise it

However, I was really sad for I could not perform better enough to win in the elocution

And then, the big news came. "Jagadguru Gangadhar College of Commerce have won the YouthFest 2007". It was such a heart throbbing moment. My goodness, all the effort of over 10 days had reaped fruits today. I almost cried. It was the time to celebrate. Not just the participants and students, but even the teachers joined the party. It was a big honour for them too

After all this, me, as usual, Seva Paramodharmaha, I arranged everything and made things neat and tidy and packed the costumes that we had hired. At around 10.30 pm, I went and handed over them to the owner and reached home by 11 pm

And today, I just got up and saved copies of photos and videos. We had planned a lunch today. It was a nice time spent along with everyone. And then, I came home and started completing my uncompleted works. And after completing everything, this is the final work which stands completed too

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Some relief after a hell of drama- 22 Sep 2007, 10 pm...

Well, today was a real hectic day. I got up very early, around 8 am, and right from that moment till now, I have not had time for anything other than my commitments. I had to be in college early and I reached at the right time. Further, we were supposed to begin the rehearsal for our drama and skit by 10. However, it was delayed due to the absence of one of the members. At 11.30, we had selections for the college debate team. However, I faced some serious problems at this point from the people. Luckily, the selections were postponed to 2.30 pm. We could begin the pratice by 11.30. It was a good shot and we performed well. The skit too was a beautiful performance. We were performing 2 activites. The first one being a one-act play (drama) on the old age system of making people as slaves and the abolishing of the system. The second one is a skit about the militants and their dealings in our nation. I will put up a detailed description of these items when I find some time. I was glad to take a lead role in both the activities and very happy too. Further, I derived more happiness for I could fit into these roles as the characters required. Being negative roles, no one expected that I would be able to do it. However, people are aware that I am a 'Surprise Package!'. Further, I faced a lot of problem in convincing people who had become very rigid on participation in debate. But somehow, I could turn things in our favor and make things move. I quit from one train and jumped to the other so that the former train could accomodate people. I decided to do elocution in lieu of debate. The topic that I need to speak about is-'Role of educational institutions in the present scenario'. Glad to receive a topic on which I always love to speak. They say,"All that ends well is well done". I can say this today. After fighting for all these days, today, I could see some real happiness from the heart within. This is not very strong yet. However, its definitely soothing. Today, I also received a call from Kori sir who has invited me for the opening of his institution-Atma, tomorrow at 8.30 am. However, I am supposed to be in the college by 9.30 am for these events. There is a little mix up which I will need to manage tomorrow. Well, I am born to run through such mix ups. And today, I have also taken up the activities that were left uncompleted after Teachers' Day. Its the final phase of the splendid function that we organised in the college. Everyone is so excited even today and even after over 15 days, people can still remember the day's scenes. Now, the final phase of activity is to make the videos and photos of the memorable day available to everyone. We have titled it-"Rejoicing Teachers' Day 2007". The task will get completed on monday. However, due to the busy schedules on monday with respect to the youthfest activities, it may be postponed to a few days. After this particular activity, I can say that the Teachers' Day activities have come to an end. I think, people reading this might call me a fool. All the people in the world have ended this day way back on Sep 5 and I am still continuing plans on that. Most of the times, things take such a shape in my life. Its very common. Its getting too late. I have missed out narrating some things. I'll make an attempt to get back to this day, whenever possible. Good night

Friday, 21 September 2007

The time begins now

ur time begins now...
10.48 pm, 21 september 2007
u have 10+31+18=59 days to go
less 6 days for youthfest
less 2 days for gandhi jayanthi
less 1 day miscellaneous
so, 50 days to go
for a golden life ahead

Ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar, dilbar pe ho na koi asar- 21 Sep 2007

Its true that no one will ever bother about anyone in life. All the entities are living for themselves. Friendship, love, care, support, etc are just words that are good to speak. These dont exist in reality. I went to start a good life with happiness, made every it of effort to ensure that things go fine. But how long can a person take blame for nothing that he has done? How long should I die? Don't I have something called as my life, don't I have something for me in this world, am I not a human being, don't I have any other work other than solving these silly problems. Am I born so that I can be a playing doll for people? Even today, I kept facing the same problem time and again. I resisted till evening. In between, I lost control and shouted. But finally, I lost it all. I lost everything. I declared that I have given up everything. I fell on to the feet of people that I will never ever interfere in their lives and never ever do anything. From now, I am all alone. Be alone to be happier, be happy to be alone. But unfortunately, I cant be happy because there are no emotions in this body, everything is dead for me. I am dead too. Life is over. Good bye world. Thanks for the great gift of life

Thursday, 20 September 2007

20 Sep 2007- Sadness is my best companion...

The day went very wild. There was such a shame, the whole day, that I lost everything in life. All that, that I had build in the last 2 years came to an end. The palace built by me with so much of love and effort came down to soil in a second. It was such a shame in front of the whole world. People lost their inhibitions and showed such exhibitions that made me cry at myself. If I had known that my efforts would pay me this, I would never ever make an effort in life. What have I got from this at least. Just failure and hatred. People are so worst. I sacrificed everything for their happiness and today, finally, they made a scene like I never did anything to them except giving pains to them. Why at least was I given birth in this dirty world which is full of such worse-minded people? Why am I being made a victim for my good thoughts? What was my mistake at least? Was it that I never thought about me in the process of adding value to others' life? Was it that I sacrificed all my life for the welfare of people? What did I get in return? I never wanted anything in return. I just wanted to see that my efforts turn into success. But what I was given was nothing more than cheating. I was cheated, I was faked, I was used to play, I was just bluffed. Even after all this, like a mad, I approached them telling that they were wrong and made them understand. It appears as if they understood. But I am sure, these people will never understand. I have got an assurance that such mistakes will not happen, but I am betting today, that tomorrow, I will again write a sad note, for the same reason as today. Bad night, worse dreams, worst life...

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Night @ 9, - Mera jeevan kora kaagaz, kora hi reh gaya

Nothing is gonna happen. I am born to lose and I will keep losing. F**k about studies, there is not even a single moment of peace in life. What the hell these people are? They just suck. They are all liars, cheats, bluffmasters, idiots and people who dont have even the slightest thought of what they are doing. Shame on them. And me, I am big fool. Even after being cheated in the same way for years together, I am still with such people and I trust them and expect them to be good human beings in the days to come. Is it possible? Impossible. These are b*****s who will never ever understand life. They are rich enough and have no problems in life. And such idiots make efforts to spoil our lives. Finally, who suffers in the world is the poor. The rich will either hire a lawyer or get a bail but the poor has only 1 option, death. Either the court will hang him or he will hang himself. What a great world our God has designed for us! Hats off to Him. Just yesterday, I thought I will do some productive activity and now, its all smashed, smashed down to such a level that I can never ever think about it again

Dont we have even the freedom to speak? Dont we have the freedom to do what we wish? Is it a compulsion that we must always to what others tell? Dont we have our senses? I have been requesting people not to have wrong thoughts. They always make attempt to spoil things and ensure that nothing goes smooth. Today, I could not keep silent. I broke out and shouted. What else could I do? I have tried numerous times to make them understand but they never want to listen. They are so worst. They are not human beings. In fact, I should have killed them. At least the world would be peaceful. And I would also stay peacefully in a jail or die. How much can a person take? Is there no limit to get blamed? Why are people making efforts to tie us in a prison? Why do the people want us to be what they want? Why do people want to shape our lives as they wish? Why do they make efforts to pull us down in life? Why are they so selfish? Why do they have wrong concepts and thoughts? Why do they lie? Why do they cheat? Why do they promise on fake things? Why God why? And why did you chose me only to suffer in their hands? Why are you doing all this with me? Why don't you give an end to everything or at least give an end to my life...

19th Sep 2007, 9 am- Wah! Life ho to aisi

Feeling so good about life. Things have taken a sweet change. I am getting ready for the college. I will be purchasing the books required and start studying. The target is to complete 1 chapter of BCom everyday. As far as CA is concerned, I dont think its anymore possible to do anything. Everything seems out of reach. So, let me at least perform in BCom. There are certain youthfest activities also today. I think they will take up some time of the day. But if I am emotionally strong today, I can sit the whole night and reach the target. And yes, its all possible and I will do it

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

18th Sep 2007, 10.30 pm- Saga continues...

Chalte chalte yunhi ruk jaata hoon main
Baithe baithe kahin kho jaata hoon main
Kehte kehte hi chup ho jaata hoon main

Nahi nahi, yeh pyaar nahi hai, yeh meri jindagi ka ek chota description hai

Well, things seem like settling smooth off late. Slowly sensing some good flow of the power of mind into the right directions of growth and development. Concentrating the tremendous energy to a single point is always essential for perfection. Efforts are like a magnifying glass. They help in concentrating the sun-rays, the power of mind, body, emotions, thoughts, etc, towards the target, a single point and thus, succeed in igniting the passion and reaping the fruits. After a long time, I am finding that, I am slowly getting the concentration power back. The unwanted lazing of time for wasteful things has reduced considerably. When a person is disturbed emotionally for even a second, he can't do anything for all the 24 hours and until the emotional disturbance gets sorted and things settle fine. I was facing such a disturbance since long and this was sucking my entire energy as I was unable to devote time for productive activities. However, things have started taking a turn and I have been able to take on productive activities as the emotional burden has reduced considerably. We can fight or ignore all physical or mental pains, but emotional pains are almost impossible to battle till they are sorted out. A person who is emotionally stable can succeed in everything. Thats the reason why, EQ (Emotional Quotient) is getting more relevant than the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) these days. It will take some more time for me to get started with a full swing. If I am able to maintain the same stability, I can begin a perfect journey for all the dreams to come true. So, everything in life ahead solely depends on the emotional factor

And yeah, today, we had a selection for youth festival competitions in the college. I participated in the auditions for COLLAGE. Collage is a competition where you are supposed to use newspaper cuttings, magazine cuttings, posters, etc, and build something informative and pass on a strong message using the creativity in designing it. The theme chosen by me was 'Yeh Mera India, I love my India'. I loved the activity. I spent over 2 hours collecting the relevant paper cutting for India's magnificent growth story, the role of software, IT, BT, politicians, sports, corporates, citizens, media, lawmakers, professionals and everyone who contributed to this golden story of success. My collage was looking absolutely baffling. I will try to get a photograph of the same and post it over on this

Lastly, the most important aspect, academics. Today, I was supposed to start the journey. However, I did not have the books to get started in the morning. And unfortunately, it was raining the whole day. And I was hooked to the net till 2 pm. And later, I had to move around with dad to arrange for a gas cylinder as the one at my home got over. At 3, I moved to college and participated in the auditions for collage. I came back home and again, for the absence of books, couldn't study. But this will not repeat tomorrow as I am buying a set of required books

Its time to kiss good bye to the day and get ready to welcome 19th September, of course, after some good sleep

Good night

The morning post for 18 Sep 2007

Its raining heavily here. Perhaps, the Rain God has got a lot of love for us and all this is showering upon us from yesterday evening till now

As of today, I just woke up around 8 am and was reading the magazine. I remembered about the debate and got on to the PC to read the information relating to the topic

Yesterday went fine. Life was cool, quiet and simple. Some peace was seen. Although there was no academic progress, the mind got some freedom. I got another issue of 'Business Today' today. So, I read that in the evening till night. And yes, there's some debate competition selection today, so, I am also busy in searching the data for that

Just hope that today goes fine and today, I have to also start some good academic progress. Else, with just around 40 days to go, I am bound to fail in the exams

Haan yehi rasta hai tera, Tune ab jaana hai
Haan yehi sapna hai tera, Tune pechana hai
Tujhe ab yeh dikhana hai
Roke tujhko aandhiyaan
Ya jameen aur aasmaan
Paayega jo lakshya hai tera
Lakkshya tho har haal mein paana hai

Monday, 17 September 2007

8 am, 17th Sep 2007, Good morning! Jhoom Barabar Jhoom...

At 6 am, this disturbed mind was so frustrated that it couldn't sleep. I woke up. May be, after a very long gap of months together, this was the first time that I woke up so early for no reason. I have got up early only when there would be some work for me in the morning. But today, I got up for me. I just had a wash and change and started feeling that I have slept enough. Still how much sleep do I need? Why am I sleeping? Am I retired? Have I gone so old that I need so much of rest? I discovered that I was sleeping solely because I had nothing else to do. But then, there is a big load of work on me. However, due to loss of interest on these things, I have not been able to spend time and concentrate on them

Yesterday, while coming back from Dharwad, I had been to ISKCON. There was a presentation on Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON. It was shown in the presentation that he started it when he was around 70 years old. What a dashing achievement! Today, ISKCON is a big spiritual success story world over in just a few years. And I am just 20. When a person could suffer heart attacks in a cargo ship on his way to America and somehow sustain life, reach the US with just 40 rupees (not even worth 80 cents at that time) could revolutionize their lives and bring a turnaround story in the lives of people who are so advanced and who love their lifestyle, its really a mindblowing achievement. At what has happened to us people, who are just 20 years old, and still sleeping

I kept thinking on these lines and then, I wore my shoes and started moving. And as usual, whenever I start doing something, I get heavily obstructed by the nature or by parents or by loved ones or something happens which makes me NOT to do it. The other day, I wanted to stop using vehicle and move by walk and the very next moment, I got a call to perform such things which need a vehicle. But then, I did not stop today. And I also felt very guilty on realising that I have become so fat. I am just 20 and I am obese. Its such a shame that I have no stamina in me now. Although I could, once upon a time, rund upto 10 kms with ease, even 100 metres is getting tought today. Thank God that I woke up today. And yes, there are people in the world who are yet to wake up to this. At such a tender age, when they are supposed to work hard and blossom, they are spending a lazy life and also wasting so much of energy for wasteful purposes

I decided that I am going to the Nruptunga hills for a walk and I am going to reach the top before I start the journey back home. The downpour kept increasing. The intensity was so high that no one dared to move out of their homes. But I didn't stop today. I felt, my day has come. I need to just keep moving ahead. I reached the top and was delighted at my feat. The downpour continued. It increased the volumes again. But I din't stop. I kept moving and reached. And after all the routine activities, I am now ready to take up the world again

And yes, today is September 17, a very important day in my life. 2 years back, on the same day, something unique happened. I shall reveal that when the appropriate time comes

For now, its time to move high

Its time to fly...

Sunday, 16 September 2007

16 Sep 2007, 10 pm

Nothing to say

The exam didnt go well

Life is not moving well

In fact, life is not moving at all

Its a total standstill from every angle

Everything seems impossible
Hopeless, helpless, sad, depressed, uninterested, lost, unhappy, unsatisfied, loser are just some words that can describe me and my condition...

Happy Birthday SSBJ!- A tribute...

Happy Birthday Sainik School Bijapur

Lets rejoice SSBJ life. Come on, set yourselves free and start shouting with me


Three cheers to Sainik School Bijapur

Hip hip ... Hurray!
Hip hip ... Hurray!
Hip hip ... Hurray!

Lets rejoice the celebration with the school song

Our school is a nice and wonderful place
Where we are thought one and all to run life race
Bright may be thy light and great may be its fame
Forever it may shine and long live its name

There's a grand grand school at Bijapur
Ever flying Ajeet colors true
Be they Wodeyar, Hoysala, Chalukya
Adilshahi, Vijaynagar, Rashtrakuta too

In class we read and play in the field
We strive to seek and never to yield
Its a fond desire and everyone's wish
To be Ajeet-Abheet and to accomplish

There's a grand grand school at Bijapur
Ever flying Ajeet colors true
Be they Wodeyar, Hoysala, Chalukya
Adilshahi, Vijaynagar, Rashtrakuta too

Dhoomdhadakka SSBJ, Hu ha, Hu ha
Dhoomdhadakka SSBJ, Hu ha, Hu ha

Sabse aage bachche kaun, SSBJ SSBJ
Veer bahadur bachche kaun, SSBJ SSBJ
Khel khood mein aage kaun, SSBJ SSBJ
Padhai likahyi mein aage kaun, SSBJ SSBJ
Aachar Vichar mein aage kaun, SSBJ SSBJ

The school song- Multilingual version
Andavu nammadu sainik shaale
Bharat maateya kunvara ivanu
Gyaan jyothiya belakanu needutha
Keerthiya shikarava yerihanu

There's a grand grand school at Bijapur
Ever flying Ajeet colors true
Be they Wodeyar, Hoysala, Chalukya
Adilshahi, Vijaynagar, Rashtrakuta too

Padthe hain yahaan jeevan ki kitaabein
Bin Maangi Milti hain muraadein
Ajeet Abheet saare hain yahaan
Janani meri school mahaan

There's a grand grand school at Bijapur
Ever flying Ajeet colors true
Be they Wodeyar, Hoysala, Chalukya
Adilshahi, Vijaynagar, Rashtrakuta too



May this spirit live forever
May the school shine foever
May we stay as a family forever
May the love shower forever

Jai Hind. Jai SSBJ

Saturday, 15 September 2007

15 Sept 2007, 11 pm

Before you begin reading, have a look at the song below. When you complete reading the song, you can begin reading this

Some may feel that these are the lyrics of the song 'Main Aisa Kyun Hoon' from the movie Lakshya. Some may feel that I am very happy and I am singing a song. Some may feel that I dont have any other work to do and so, I am passing time. Well, you all are right. However, the main reason why I have written this song is that, it perfectly depicts my life today. The same is the theme of the movie. The hero, who is the laziest person you will ever find on the earth, has a big turning point in life. There is a complete turn in his life. If you seriously look at the picture, a lazy person is yorning, but look at the shadow, you will find an army soldier in making. So, my only hope is that this lazy bug will, one day, becomes an army officer and conquers a territory to win the war. Only God knows, if I will ever wake up like him and reach my lakshya and win my war.

Karna hai kya mujhko, Yeh maine kab hai jaana
Lagta hai gaaunga, Zindagi bhar bas ye gaana
Hoga jaane mera ab kya, Koyi toh bataaye mujhe
Gadbad hai ye sab kya, Koyi samjhaaye mujhe
Main aisa kyun hoon, Main aisa kyun hoon
Main jaisa hoon, Main waisa kyun hoon
Ab mujhko ye hai karna, Ab mujhe woh karna hai
Aakhir kyun main na jaanoon, Kya hai ke jo karna hai
Lagta hai ab jo seedha, Kal mujhe lagega ulta
Dekho na main hoon jaise, bilkul ulta phulta
Badloonga main abhi kya, Maanoon toh kya maaanon main
Sudhroonga main kabhi kya, Yeh bhi toh na jaanoon main
Jaane ab mera hona kya hai, Lagta hai tumko kya
Jaane ab mera hona kya hai, Kya main hoon jaisa bas waisa rahoonga?

And yeah, I am writing my CDS exam tomorrow. So, no blogging till tomorrow night

15 Sep 2007, Saturday, 3.30 pm

Jindagi ek aisi mod par chal rahi hai, jahaan, na hi kuch karne ka mann hai aur na hi kuch karna mumkin lag raha hai. Aisa lag raha hai jaise yeh pal jindagi ko maarkar mauth ko gale lag rahe hain. Kal se shuru ho rahi hai buddhi ki pariksha. Par isse badi hai yeh jindagi ki parikhsa jisme koi bhi kamyaabi nazar nahi aa rahi hai. Kab tak chalege aise hi yeh jindagi, kab tak rehna padege aise ek kamjor ki tarah

Life is just taking time. Its taking all the time that I have and not leaving anything to me. This battle for time and its efficient utility is going on since long. However, this time, its getting too tough. Today is Ganesh Chathurti. I just bought a new pen. I am yet again with a hope that, if I get going now, may be, I can do something. Tomorrow, I have the CDS examination. I am now searching for some sample papers and making attempt to update my general knowledge and familiarize with the paper pattern too

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep...

Friday, 14 September 2007

14 Sep 2007, 8 pm, what a life...

Well, its been around 2 days from the time I am planning to do something in life. However, I have been unable to even take the first step. Hmmm... they say, The first step itself is the most difficult thing, once it is taken, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, . . . . . . . will follow with ease. Thats why the saying, well begun is half work done. But unfortunately, I have been unable to take the step to get started. The initial kick is missing. Once the ball is kicked, it starts rolling. What is it, that has made me stuck with life? Why am i unable to move ahead? Why is it that such a strong mind has become so weak that its not even able to dare to start the work? There is a certain instability that the mind is facing now. When mind is not functioning in the right direction, nothing goes fine. Thats why we call state of mind as a decisive factor of our life. Whatever is lost will never be gained back. Today, if we lose a rupee, we will never get it back. Although we may get a crore rupess tomorrow, still, that one rupee is gone. So, whenever we lose something, we should lose it for something good and better. Life is not just about personal growth, its about the general well being. If we are eating unlimited when people are dying of hunger, it doesn't mean anything. The world is our home and everyone here is like a family member. We ought to treat everyone equally
Coming back to my life, its a big mess up now. When I clean up things are put them up in the right order, I will be able to do something valuable. Till then, life is going to be a big challenge even to do the smallest thing

All I can do now is wait. Although time is running out like blood out of an wounded part with possibility of all the blood emptying out, I am in a helpless state of life till the required things gets restructured and the right movements begin

Thursday, 13 September 2007

13 Sep 2007, midnight 12

The day went waste
Nothing was done

13 Sept 2007, 7.30 pm

12 hours have passed since the time I disclosed my plans and aims to start preparing. However, my habit of procrastination in the field of studies has caught me and I have been unable to even start up. And I also had my college internal exams. From morning 10 to 11, I waited for the library to open. When the library opened, all we did was discussions about the day's cricket match. And then, exam begun and went on upto 4. I had to pick up my sir's son and drop him to the station. This work binded me upto 6. A tired mind came back home by walk by 7. Oh! I forgot to mention, I have stopped using my vehicle for certain reasons which I will disclose when the time comes. I had a bath and now, writing this blog. My food is waiting for me. Let me at least start studying now

Update- 13 Sept 2007, 12 pm

Its 12 pm now and everything appears gloomy
I came to the college hoping that I will start up with the studies
However, unfortunately, things did not move fine and I am hooked with the computer spending some time lazily. Just have a small hope that I will start soon and get going
Lets see. Whats gonna happen...

Its 8.30 am, 13th September 2007...

Well, today is 13th September 2007, Thursday. Its 8.30 am now. I always have a feeling that 13 is my lucky number but I don't know how far this feeling is true
Lets have a look at what my astrology says today and try to predict what is going to happen

At Yahoo! Astrology, I found the following
A small change you made weeks ago has created huge improvements you'll see today. You're going to need to try something a little different to handle your debt issues. Even if you're not buried under a mountain of plastic, you still need to handle the situation with a bit more finesse. A small change you made weeks ago has created a huge improvement in your life, and you will start noticing the rewards of your efforts today. Very soon, you'll be able to kick back, put your feet up, and let someone else worry about things for a while. Being passive isn't a character flaw ... it's an element of every balanced person's personality. Your quest for balance has been very successful, and this is one of the few final elements to incorporate into your life. When a veritable map of possible roads opens up before you, the potential routes may be daunting. Pull out your glasses, check your internal compass, and pick the path that best fits your career ambitions and goals

MSN Astrology says that
Today you could feel pushed and pulled by powerful personalities, Puneet. You may have a friend or acquaintance with a very assertive nature. This person could be in a particularly demanding mood. Or you might have family members who suddenly require lots of attention. If your phone is ringing off the hook and you keep getting dragged into long discussions, try to be patient. Stay focused and don't panic!

So, in all, its going to be a difficult day in all respects, viz, physical, financial, mental, etc. And with all this, I have to begin my CA preparations too. So, What is Puneet planning to do today? Nothing new, the same thing that I plan to do everyday but have never been able to do- study. But then, its the most essential aspect of our lives and we got to achieve academic excellence for being bold in this modern world. So, I have to plan again and go on
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said-"Dreams, dreams, dreams. Dreams turn into thoughts and thoughts turn into action"

So, its time dream again. Think again and start doing. So, what am I gonna do today? Lets make a rough estimate. I have to study around 4000 pages for the CA exams, around 40 chapters for BCom exams, around 1000 pages for the CAT exam. And hey, I am also giving my CDS exam on the coming Sunday. Plus, there are hell lot of activities like the College Youth Festival, Rotary Youth Festival, etc. And also the college internal exams, labs, etc which I can't miss. So, how am I supposed to go ahead

Lets apply simple arithmetic. There are 4000 pages for CA exam and 1000 pages for CAT and I have 50 days to go. So, that should be 100 pages a day (4000+1000=5000, 5000/50=100). Sounds unrealistic, rather foolish

But whats the harm in trying out. If I am able to cover just 50 pages also, I can at least pass the exam. Come on man! 'Where there is a will, there is a way.' If the God has created a problem, he has also kept the solution ready. Now, let me stop here. I got to go for bath, get ready and get started on the mission. And yeah, I have to study at least 1 chapter (around 40 pages) of BCom also. So, it comes to around 140 pages a day. :-)

Wish me all the best and let me put in my best. And I am sure, if I am able to put in my best, I will definitely yield the best too

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

My CA exam is coming soon...

To start it from the basics, I begun life with academic brilliance. However, as time passed, I started losing down on the field. But I never went below 80% till 5th standard
From then, I joined Sainik School, Bijapur. Life was a little tough there. And I was personally involved in activities of the school. My scores started moving good in the range of 70s. It was a good score considering the activities too. But all the activities have taught me life. I am grateful to that life
In 10th, I came back to track and scored pretty well. But again, in 11th and 12th, the responsibilities were high and I was unable to perform well in the academics
And unfortunately, I failed in Class 12th in 1 subject. But then, I cleared it the very next month through the compartment exams. Thus, it was not much disheartening
Life took a turn then. I joined a job and started working. I also continued studies through correspondence course from ICFAI
Yet again, a change happened and after everything (its a big story, will write later), I ended up in J G College of Commerce for my BCom and simultaneously joined the Chartered Accountancy course
Well, chartered accountancy, one of the most difficult academic courses, and me, doing it, there was no meaning in it. People laughed
But everyone got to know what I am when I cleared my PE-I exam in the first shot and scored a top 96% in my BCom exams

I also cleared the foundation exam of ICWAI

It was the beginning of another era of academic brilliance

Till May 2007, academic life went up with a full boom
However, my CA PE-II exam in May put a stop to everything
I could not clear the exam

My next attempt is due in Nov 2007

To be exact, its 50 days to go
And honestly, I am still blank about the exam. I am yet to begin my studies. I am yet to plan out things and get started. Some people who have been writing the exam for the past 3 or 4 years, have not yet cleared it. The syllabus is so tough and vast that it is not seriously possible to study in 1 year's time too

And now, Puneet wants to complete it in 50 days and also, succeed in the exam. Only God knows what is cooking for me. But let me make some honest efforts and try my best. They say-Honest efforts always fetch fruits. Let me just get the passing marks. From now, I have decided to make efforts in this direction and track life and analyze how life is moving? I wish to know how time is moving out? I want to inquire why I have been unable to study for the exam? I want to introspect and learn from this

This is gonna be a great experience

And when I succeed, it will be a ... no words to say that

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