Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2007 is no more...

Well, we just completed another year...

There is so much that happened in 2007. Yet not anything noteworthy

It has been a year of confusing struggle to solve some big problems being faced by us. However, the problem remains unsolved yet and still poses the biggest threat for 2008

There have been many moments to cherish with academic success, professional success, celebrations at college like the Teachers' Day, Youth Festival and many many other things

One thing that has happened through out the year is business aka BUSY-NESS. I have been on the move all the time with one or the other reason. Studies, BCom, CA, OBA, LIC, College activities, Trading, NSS and so on. There is not much I can write about this as I am busy even now

Kaash, Bhagwan ne ek din mein 48 ya 72 hours diye hote!!!
Tho, hum jaise WORKAHOLICS ka achcha hota...

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  1. ah well! an old post with not much to talk about :)