Monday, 17 March 2008

What a coincidence... The 100th post is a birthday post...

This is the 100th post on this blog and I am glad that the effort to write my life story has come such a long way. It has definitely taken a lot of endeavour and energy from me. Yet, the satisfaction derived is uncomparable. I am happy and thankful to all my friends and other readers who's words have encouraged me to keep the work going

Its a delightful coincidence that the centurion post is the narration of the small birthday party that was held in my honour by parents and friends. I am thankful to them not just for this, but for everything they have done for me. As I was in Bhopal on my birthday, the celebrations were held on 11th March 2008

Though the plan was to surprise me, I was not much surprised for I knew that these people had planned this. Yet, I was happy to know this. I believe, it was the last day of internal exams and after the exams, all my friends told me that they will come to home in the evening and we will go to the Nruptunga Hills. But I immediately knew that they were coming for my birthday celebration as the hill journey is always very casual and doesnt require any planning

At around 5 pm, the gang (Priyanka, Deepak, Sachin and Vikram) arrived with a beautiful cake with them. Soon, I had a wash and we all went to the Sai Baba Temple, Shirdi Nagar. Even my sisters, Sushma and Spurti, joined us. We spent some time there and after seeking the lord's blessings, we relaxed for some time and came back home

Unfortunately, there was a power cut. We did not have enough time to wait as they had to move home in time. So, I had to celebrate the day under the candle light. In fact, it was more beautiful and lovely to do so. The usual formalities continued and the day was celebrated

This is the last birthday that I will be celebrating as a student. All these 3 years as a commerce student, life has gone well. Some people came too close and were very good friends with me. While most of them are going ahead with higher education and another bunch of them are supposed to handle their family business, I fall into the category of students who are on a lookout for an immediate job. Though my scores definitely speak volumes about a good academic life ahead, the current conditions of life have prohibited me from venturing into them. There numerous ways in which I am thinking about the future. A bank job, a business plan, a Govt job, a sales job, LIC business, etc are some arenas in which I am thinking. As of now, I am determined to go ahead with a job in a bank (officer level) and simultaneously pursue my MBA through correspondence and also promote LIC & Mutual Fund business also. Lets see where life will take me. Today might be one among the last meetings that we all are having. Who knows, where our destinies will take us after graduation. I just wish that everyone should lead a righteous life and be happy always

After a small refreshment, everyone was back to their homes

A lot of thoughts were running in my mind about the days to come. Numerous directions to move. Lets see where the stars will lead us

Once this post goes online, the blog will be a 100 post strong blog. My efforts to continue writing will be on. It helps in a regular introspection of life and helps in shaping one's personality. And my motto of writing this blog was, is and always will be



Thanking everyone for the wonderful support and wishing myself A Very Happy Birthday...

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