Monday, 7 April 2008

The middle class journey...

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air

Up ahead in a distance, I saw a shimmering light

My heart grew heavy and my sight grew dim

I had to stop for the night

Welcome to the Hotel California... Such a lovely place... Such a lovely face...

Plenty of room at the Hotel California... Anytime of the year... You can find it here...

Well, the journey of the middle class families who live in rented homes is just similar to this. From one home to another every now and then is a part and parcel of our lives. Last year, at about the same time, we left our old home and rented a new house. And now, after 1 year, our journey continues to another house. And this time, its the department quarters of BSNL where my father works. On 30th of March 2008, we started packing and started moving all our belongings to the new place. The day began too early and my mom went over to the new place and did all that what had to done as per the traditions and customs. I packed all my books and dresses and all other materials. My cousin, Sunil, helped in the work. All the packing continued upto 11 am. And then, we carried all the books and dresses and all other petty items in the auto-rickshaw of my uncle. We had about 3 trips and a lot of items were shifted in these

In one of my trips, I was supposed to complete some pending work of LIC and MFs. As this was the year end, there was an immediate urgency for the execution of the work. While on the way to LIC, I saw an old person who was drunk. He was swinging across and was totally imbalanced. Finally, he fell down and got a very large bruise on his face and was bleeding. All this happened by the time I could park my vehicle and go to catch him. A couple of people joined together and moved him on the roadside. He was almost gone. A policeman came on the spot. And such an insult to the entire police department, that person just saw and went off. Shameless people, he didnt even bother to help or even speak a word. Soon, we got some water and he was in his senses. Even on repeating questioning, he did not give any contact information. Finally, he just told his residence address. And one of us went to inform to the said place. As I too was in a hurry, I had to move. I went and got an auto to drop him. But then, the autowallah, seeing him, refused to drop him saying that it will be risky for him. Well, world has come to such a level today. The people who are appointed to help the humanity are raping them. Its a real sad scene that an old man gets drunk and gets into all such difficulties. Only God knows what are the reasons behind the happening of all these. Its definitely the responsibility of children to look after their parents once they grow up. But then, in our nation, we can see that, the rich are not bothered about their parents as they are busy in their work and the poor are not bothered about their parents as they are helpless in providing anything to them. The same is the case with the parents too

Such a dilemma of lifeI continued to LIC and completed my work and returned home, completely exhausted

Soon, I had to again go and get a lorry or other good carrier to carry all our belongings like beds, deewans, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, computer, treasury, utensils, etc. The fare charged was too high. On negotiating, it was reduced, yet was too high. And as we didnt have any other option either, we had to pay it. Such a difficulty that all the people like us face in the journey of life. Packing and loading all these items on the vehicle was a real big task. Moreover, we had to carry all these from the first floor as we stayed there. Everyone got exhausted. There was no energy left in anyone. Further, there were some tussles with the driver which added to the irritation and frustration. The almirah/treasury in my home can be called as the only real asset purchased by my parents. Its such a large and heavy one that even 4 people were unable to move it. Its real thick iron and of very high quality. It was the most difficult part of the entire process. Finally, at about 5 pm, all the loading was done. And we moved

In a couple of minutes, we landed in the new place, the BSNL Staff Quarters at Pinto Road, Hubli. This can be called as the hotspot of the city and we are really very lucky to stay in this locality. Its just a minute away from railway station, bustand, major banks, broking houses, markets and even LIC. So, its like getting a home in Nariman Point of Mumbai. I am really happy with the home. Its comfortable too. Yeah, we had to take the belongings inside now. Firstly, we unloaded the vehicle and took out all our items. We paid the driver and sent him as he was causing a lot of disturbance. Next, we had 2 problems. Firslty, we had no energy in our bodies. Nextly, we had to shift these items to the first floor again as our flat is in first floor. We rested for about 15 minutes and had a cup of tea. Then, the process began again. The most difficult part, as usual, would be to shift the teasury into the home. So, we did that at first. Then, all other large items were taken up. And then, all the small ones like TV, computer, bags, chairs, tables, etc were carried in. It was a real tiring and totally exhaustive day. Nothing was remaining in us. And the fun had begun just now. All the things were thrown here and there. No one knew, in which pack, what was kept. So, there was a necessity to arrange the things. But then, the pains didnt permitt us to do it on that day and it was postponed to the next day. But yeah, my computer was ready though...

Life is, of course, a journey. And if you are in a rented house, your journey is definitely gonna be too extraordinary

Lets see how long life will go on in this new place...

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