Monday, 7 April 2008

NSS Valedictory Function...

This might be one amongst the last function of my academic life

Things had to be prepared in a real rush and quick manner as the time available was too less. Further, the college staff did not have enough confidence on the NSS Unit as we were not much active through the year. Almost everyone told us to just conduct the fucntion as a formality in a classroom and finish it off. But then, my vision was different. I had it in my mind to make it big and take everyone by a big surprise as I did for the Teachers' Day. I made a clear mention that the NSS Valedictory Function will be celebrated grandly in the college auditorium only and not for formality and not in any classroom

We all got together and the work began. All the work distribution was done. This time, we decided to give mementos to the volunteers and these were sponsored by Gangaram Bhille Sweet Mart, Hubli. There were some more trophies that we took from the college. And we also got the certificates printed as the stock was unavailable in the college. And when we asked, we were looked down and ignored. Yet, I did not have any complaint as this has been going on from years and was common. So, we arranged ourselves for each and everything including the bouquets to be given to the guests

It was decided to call Sri C H Patil, the District Nodal Officer of NSS, KUD (Karnataka University, Dharwad) on April 02nd 2008 for the function. Almost everything was set and I was confident of a big blast on the day. Yet, even on the final day, the staff did not show any confidence in us and felt as if its going to be a flop. But then, we just did not bother. We even prepared a dance programme and other entertainment activities

Finally, it was 3 pm and the guest had come. And a big surprise, the auditorium was almost full and the teachers were taken aback. There was some difficulty that we were facing from 2 pm to 3 pm in maintaining the crowd. So, I played the movie 'Golmaal' and everything was in control. The fucntion began and went on a very sexy and orderly fashion. From invocation song to welcome to speech to chief guest introduction to NSS report to narration of experience, all was a delight to watch and listen

The chief guest was called to speak and he was very happy by all that had happened. He was all praises for us. Our NSS officer was the most delighted person at this moment as he was very afraid of whats going to happen. The principal also remarked the excellence. Prizes and mementos were given away. And the cultural programmes began. We presented a drama of a teacher and his students. It was a super hit and everyone enjoyed a lot. We also presented a dance of various songs remixed together and that too was a real surprise. In total, the day went on in a very superb fashion. All were delighted. The day came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by me and the national anthem followed by refreshments

Our NSS officer was totally speechless. He actually considered the views of staff members and felt like it will be a flop and he will be in a difficult position. But then, today, he was in heaven as everyone praised him and it was a delight to see him satisfied by our work

And yes, not to forget Bondya (Bindu). His laptop was very helpful for the function. We learnt to dance seeing the videos. And further, during the function, the college computer that we were using to play songs and all was not working fine and all were struck. And luckily, I had this in my hand and set back everything right

At the end of the day, we all went to the canteen and enjoyed seeing the photos and videos of the function alongwith food for the hungry stomachs. A great day which I am definitely going to rejoice for a long time from now...

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