Sunday, 25 May 2008

Exam aarelaa hai...

With the exam bells ringing faster than ever, I have almost blocked with all other activities except studying. Hmmm... sounds good... But practically, this is not very true. It is true to some extent. Where I need to perform an obligation, I am still continuing to do that. However, I am not venturing into any new endeavors. The exams will begin on 27th May 2008 and these will be the last set of 7 obstacles to be cleared in 3 ours each to get the cap of graduation, yes, I said cap. Considering my prospects, or for that matter anyone's prospects, it is clearly visible that these 3 years were almost unworthy. Way back in 2005 when I was on a job hunt, I got jobs that offered me Rs 15000 a month. I was just a XIIth pass at that time. And Rs 15000 of that time can at least be equal to Rs 20000 of this time. But today, as I complete graduation and look into the job market that is available for a BCom graduate, all I can see is jobs that will fetch Rs 3000-6000 a month for a fresher. Now, what do we call this? Growth??? That's a big question. Not just for me, but for everyone. A funnier part being that, girls who have completed BCom are offered jobs of a front desk executive, receptionist, etc. What was the worth doing a graduation?

Questions are many. Even a student who has got scores of more than 90% is also unable to get a good job. What is wrong where? After having deeply thought to find an answer for this, all I got in my mind was, the mistake was to decide joining this course itself. This has not added even a the slightest value to life except the degree certification and the cap of a university graduate

Hmmm... whatever has happened is the past. And nothing can be done about it. There is a need to peep into the future and ensure that the future decisions do not cause similar kinds of repentance

For the moment, I need to spend another 21 hours (3 hours x 7 subjects) to completely complete this 3 year vaccation of life and get back to work

Wishing me all the very best :-)

Monday, 19 May 2008

My new digital camera...

A couple of weeks back, I lost my cell phone. I was very sad as I had been using it for a long time and had a wish to keep it all life with me. But, things did not turn up my way. Immediately, I started searching to buy a new cellphone. In the process, I saw a nice digital camera. They called it a credit card camera. It looked very pretty and very small. No one can even believe that it is a digital camera. Above that, its price tag was just Rs 999. And this attracted me. I thought, I shall buy this camera and worry about the cellphone later. And guess what, this camera has great features that include

VGA Camera
Compact size- It is said to be the world's thinnest camera in this category, measuring just 8 cm x 5 cm, less than half a centimetre thick, and weighing just 35 grams
64MB SDRAM Memory- Store up to 26 images in High resolution mode, and 104 in Low resolution mode
Li-ion battery- A revolutionary battery which re-charges while you download pictures to your PC - a brilliant time-saver

Other Features
  • Two resolutions of pictures - up to 640 x 480 VGA images
  • Image compression mode for storing up to 209 images
  • 10 Second self timer- for taking group pictures with you included
  • Continuous shooting - takes 10 pictures per second!
  • Built in rechargeable battery lasts up to one week
  • Automatic exposure and white balance
  • PC Web Camera mode for video conferencing
  • 64MB SDRAM memory
  • VGA- 640 x 480 (high)
  • QVGA- 320 x 240 (low)
  • Hi res image capacity: 26
  • Low res image capacity: 104
  • Compression mode: 52 (hi), 209 (low)
  • CMOS Sensor (300k pixels)
  • USB Interface
  • Measures 8 cm x 5 cm x 0.4 cm
  • Weight: 0.035kg
System Requirements
  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • P200MHZ CPU or above
  • 32MB or more available memory
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB port
Comes with
  • Windows driver CD
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Arcsoft Photo Impression image software
Having seen all this for just Rs 999, I was delighted. Further, it can also be used as a web camera on the computer too. This was another value addition as I had no web camera with me

I decided to buy and amso bought is immediately

Due to certain reasons, I got the camera a little late from the seller. I showed it to the people and their eyes couldnt believe it. I wanted to take a few quick snaps with people. However, I could not operate it as it had to be charged before use

I have now charged the camera and started using it. The photos are of good quality. Here are a couple of images taken from the camera. Definitely, its a good buy at Rs 999. If you too wish to buy it, visit the shop of the seller in eBay India at

That was all about the credit card digital camera

Friday, 16 May 2008

India needs Army rule...

Bharat humko jaan se pyaara hai
Sabse nyaara gulistaan hamara hai
Sadiyoan se Bharat bhoomi duniya ki shaan hai
Bharat maa ki raksha ke liye, jeevan kurbaan hai
Hindustaani, naam hamaara hai
Sabse nyaara des hamaara hai
Janmabhoomi hai hamari, shaan se kahenge hum
Bhai bhai hai sabhi, pyaar se rahenge hum

With due respect to all the persons, I would like to write this article for the benefit of a voice to rise within everyone. We all know the story of police and politicians who rule us. Our politicians are a bundle of promises which never get executed. And our police are nowhere bothered about public welfare. We can call the police as Helmet Catchers rather than public servants. Well, let me not speak much of this as we all know what the facts are. There is no meaning in higlighting the same points and do a historical speech. What we need to do is to give an insight to the future...

Where is India headed?
Thats a big question for us all. Acts like terrorism and violence are on a rise. I am sure that we all are very bothered and hurt by this. But, we all are helpless as we can not do anything. Things are out of control and the people supposed to get them in control, themselves, are out of control. I strongly feel that the only people with sincerity, honesty, dedication, dare, willingness to work, patriotism and all good morals are the Indian Armymen. They are the only people who have solutions. They are the only ones who are seriously engaged into the business of national upliftment and welfare. Now, I feel its really a wise idea to hand over all the power into their hands. Yes, if that is done, every law and order will be seriously brought into force. The government offices will open the doors at the right times. And the officials too will work. If that is done, the terrorists will not dare to even see India. If that is done, we all can live peacefully as no one will even think of stealing or looting or doing any wrong things. If that is done, we will see the real welfare of people. We will see real progress. We will see the great brotherhood among people where people start supporting and helping each other. Corruption will come to an end. Illegality will also come to an end. The politicians who are not ready to leave the chairs will announce voluntary retirement too. Even the corrupt officials will also do that or start working as honest persons

There are definitely great advantages. And definitely, there might be some disadvantages which are common everywhere

But then, if we introduce the Army rule for just 1 year, we will definitely blossom. We will see an end to most of the problems that we are facing. Because, once the true and honest people get into action, everything has to become true and honest. Always remember one point. When you that there is a bomb placed in a building, all you do is spread the information or run away. Even the police wait till it blasts and then call the ambulance. Its only the Indian Armymen who dare to go and defuse the bomb and save people. Not just save their life, but also give confidence to the people around that they can live happily

Its always wise to give the nation in the hands of people who are ready to sacrifice their life for the welfare of the motherland. Then see, there will be no need to run behind and catch the terrorists. They will also surrender themselves. Only then, we can see real progress and happiness of living in this heaven called Hindustaan

And only then we can ask all these f***ing terrorists, corruptionists and cheats

Yeh hai MERAJAHAAN!, Mera Ghar Mera Aashiyaan
Yeh Hai Meri Duniya, Tera Kaam Kya Hai Yahaan
Chalti Masti Mein Chal, Chal Jaayegi Manzil Kahaan
Kal Aane Waaloan ko De, Tere Kadamoan Ke Nishaan

Whose footsteps would you like to follow? And what do you feel about these matters

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Whats waiting after June 10...

This one is a million dollar question for me as well as my friends and all my college mates and also every student who shall completing his final year graduation examinations. And as soon as the exam is over, this time, the scene is going to change. All these days, there used to be big parties and celebrations after the exams. But this time, we are definite to witness a totally different scenario. People shall be meeting each other for a last time in the college. And who knows, whether we will ever see their faces again in our lives. People will cry on this day for the pain of coming towards the end of this happy jolly kinda life

Further, unlike earlier when the celebrations would go on for weeks or months, things will take a complete turn here too. As soon as the exams get over, the students shall start facing real problems and start experiencing great difficulties. The biggest difficultly remains in the 2 simple words which has been the greatest question for centuries together for everyone- WHAT NEXT?
While a very few students have planned a future path, we will find that many of them are totally unaware of anything. There is also such a set of students who are yet to get up from the bed. They dont even know that they will be completing graduation and need to find new paths for life. An educational institution needs to instill the confidence, knowledge and all character that a man needs to lead a successful life. However, modern educational institutions are more a money spinning machine rather than a man making institution

A lot of confusions remain in my mind too. Even after being amongst the top scorers of my college, my future appears a little shaky as of now. There is nothing in my college that I have not achieved. Take anything and I am there in the top. Yet, my careers seems directionless. I am not getting what path to take and what has to be done. Due to personal reasons, I am not in a position to go for an MBA. Further, my sister is about to join engineering and the expenses are bound to rise heavily. And in such a situation, me also becoming a NPA (Non Performing Asset) is definitely not advisible. I still have plans for an MBA or PGDM through distance learning or correpondence or open university. But again, there are a lot of hassles here too. Such an MBA needs a minimum of 3 years of work experience or a Post Graduation qualification. I possess neither of these and thus, ineligible to this too. There are options like NIBM and Symbiosis. However, these PGDMs are not recognized by UGC. There is another MBF course (Master of Banking and Finance) offered by IGNOU. However, for this, we need to firstly clear the JAIIB and CAIIB examinations of the IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). And to write the JAIIB/CAIIB exam, we need to firstly become the member of IIBF. And to become a member of IIBF, we must be an employee in a bank or financial institution which is in turn a member of IIBF. Hmmm... lot of complications. I found out that LIC is a member. However, I am not an employee of LIC. I am an agent only. Thus, as far as my knowledge goes, I am ineligible for this too. Yet, I have kept this option open and trying out if this can be done

I can easily get a job in Hubli where the pay is from Rs 6000 to Rs 10000 a month. In Bangalore, I could get Rs 8000 to Rs 15000. I have applied for the various posts at the ICICI Bank and I am awaiting some response from them. Alongwith a job, I need to seriously work on my LIC business and generate some good income. Only then, things will move fine. With all this, I also need to study a PG through correspondence

I also have a plan to go ahead with CS (Company Secretary). And also have thought of starting up an own work like a stock broking house or a tutorial classes. With ideas clashing in mind and no direction taking a serious shape, things remain in a state confusion

Just waiting for these confusions to end soon in my life and also the life of everyone

But, honestly speaking, the confusion time has begun just now...

Sunday, 4 May 2008

To be a better human being with each passing moment...

I have just signed up with and my home page is

Its a site where we set goals and work accordingly with the support of cheers and friends who wish to accomplish same goals. We can keep tracking the goals. And we also ge reminders as per our settings. Lets see how this site can help me

Here is the first post published from there...

Life is, of course, the most precious gift that anyone can get

And we need to make good use of life and become good human beings first. We can how much problem the world is facing. Yet, a man is helpless. We have done all the wrong things in the name of growth and advancement. Man has only grown materially. And all this material growth is just temporary. You can see by now, how such growth is hampering our lives. We cut trees to build great structures and now, we are dying to plant trees. We got ACs, refrigerators and all. But now, we are facing a temperature of 40 degrees and unable to walk out in the day. We did so many things but none are going to last forever nor will they keep us happy

Ask yourself, are you happy? The definite answer is NO. Then, ask yourself the reasons. You will know it then

Real happiness lies in being better human beings

So, I wish to make real progress in life and it is in being a better person

Whatever happens... Happens for the good...

Well, this is an old saying and I am a very firm believer in it. Let anything happen in life, I just say that, whatever has happened has happened for something good. I have numerous proofs for this. In my life at least, all bad things have only resulted in good results. But then, you need to be honest, sincere, truthful even during these bad times. You should not catch a wrong path in times of difficulty. And soon, you will see that your questions get an answer

On the day of farewell, I had a tussle with one of my friend, Amit Hooli. I scolded him and felt very bad for that. I never do it. Yesterday, I had called him and just spoke for sometime and set things right. And as we know, people get closer when they fight. It creates a small attachment. Today, I was in need of some urgent help. Earlier, whenever I approached him, he used to refuse. But today, he agreed and helped me. So, whatever tussle happened has resulted into a favor to me today

Further, in the morning, I was supposed to meet Anand Katti who had asked me to come in regards to LIC works. I did not have his cell number. In the process of discovering his number, I found many numbers. In that, one was of Avinash Giraddi. Well, the LIC work did not get done and I was sadly back. But then, I was in need of some help. And only Avinash could do it. Had all this not happened, I would not have had his number. I immediately rung him up and my work was done

And yeah, not to forget, yesterday, I got a favor from Jerry Thomas sir also. God has planned everything in a perfect way. He knows how to handle things. All he sees is whether we are really worth being helped. If we are honestly making an effort, he will definitely help. People become destined to help us. I have been receiving a lot of support in my life from many people and I very grateful to all of them. And I thank God for having been so kind to me. As it is said, God helps those who help themselves. And I have always been doing the best I can

Tomorrow, another hurdle waits me at ICICI Bank. I need to cross over this and only then, the problems will get the real solution. I am sure, God will help me in this too

Even if not, it just means, there is something else that God is planning for our good only

All I will say is, 'Whatever happens, happens for the good'

And yeah, today, the All India Management Aptitude Test was held. I did not write it as I am not going for an MBA campus program. I have decided to do it by distance learning only

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Where is this journey of life headed...

Its been too long that I have not written a blog entry. Well, life has taken a lot of turns in the past few days. And unfortunately, most of them are on the negative side. Tension is building up from every angle of life. I feel like I am being dragged off into something which is totally unknown. I am not even able to make out what exactly is happening in life. Things remain very critical. Problems remain unsolved. And questions remain unanswered. Life has become a very tired thing for me. My head aches 24x7 with n number of thoughts. I hardly get sleep for a few minutes everyday. I just keep lying on the bed till 10 in the morning. Though the world shouts at me, I still never even hear them. Thats the amount of involvement I have into these questions. Many a times, it has so happened that the people around me scream at me asking something and my ears never get what is being said. My brain is tired to such an extent. The other, while driving my bike, I never noticed that there was a red signal and just went on. I never noticed that a 4 wheeler trax was coming before me. I never even noticed that I was about to hit it. And without my knowledge, I applied the brakes and stopped. Even at this point, my brain did not work. The traffic policeman came to scold me and I didnt even realise that I had broken a signal and was about to hit a vehicle. I just moved on. It was only after 20-30 minutes when I was sitting in the college that I realised that all this had happened. A lot of problems keep bothering me every moment and I am unable to do anything in life. I have totally turned helpless for everything. And become a weak and meek person. Yet, the entire world around me doesn't even doubt this on me for a single second. No one will believe that I am in such a position. I am really unable to understand what has to be done next to overcome all these problems that life has put on my way. I keep begging the lord all the time to help me out.

Even he has a limit to help. He has helped me enough. It appears like a big ditch in which I have fallen with no ways to come out. Things are taking my breath out. I had been to Bangalore on 20th of this month for the ICICI bank officers' examination. I did well, as far as I believe, and I was supposed to get the result by this time. But, that too has not come. So, even this chance is gone. Where is life headed now? Thats the biggest question that has been on my mind. All roads seem blocked. All ways are seized. All paths are locked. There is nothing that I am able to make out at this point of time. All I can say is I have been honest and truthful all through my life. And God always finds fun in testing such people. But yes, I am sure, he will never leave such people to fall. He will definitely support too. God helps those who help themselves. So, let me try to move to whatever extent possible and do whatever good I can. But my head is bursting with all these issues and nothing ever goes in it. Its all a big confusion...