Sunday, 25 May 2008

Exam aarelaa hai...

With the exam bells ringing faster than ever, I have almost blocked with all other activities except studying. Hmmm... sounds good... But practically, this is not very true. It is true to some extent. Where I need to perform an obligation, I am still continuing to do that. However, I am not venturing into any new endeavors. The exams will begin on 27th May 2008 and these will be the last set of 7 obstacles to be cleared in 3 ours each to get the cap of graduation, yes, I said cap. Considering my prospects, or for that matter anyone's prospects, it is clearly visible that these 3 years were almost unworthy. Way back in 2005 when I was on a job hunt, I got jobs that offered me Rs 15000 a month. I was just a XIIth pass at that time. And Rs 15000 of that time can at least be equal to Rs 20000 of this time. But today, as I complete graduation and look into the job market that is available for a BCom graduate, all I can see is jobs that will fetch Rs 3000-6000 a month for a fresher. Now, what do we call this? Growth??? That's a big question. Not just for me, but for everyone. A funnier part being that, girls who have completed BCom are offered jobs of a front desk executive, receptionist, etc. What was the worth doing a graduation?

Questions are many. Even a student who has got scores of more than 90% is also unable to get a good job. What is wrong where? After having deeply thought to find an answer for this, all I got in my mind was, the mistake was to decide joining this course itself. This has not added even a the slightest value to life except the degree certification and the cap of a university graduate

Hmmm... whatever has happened is the past. And nothing can be done about it. There is a need to peep into the future and ensure that the future decisions do not cause similar kinds of repentance

For the moment, I need to spend another 21 hours (3 hours x 7 subjects) to completely complete this 3 year vaccation of life and get back to work

Wishing me all the very best :-)

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