Sunday, 4 May 2008

To be a better human being with each passing moment...

I have just signed up with and my home page is

Its a site where we set goals and work accordingly with the support of cheers and friends who wish to accomplish same goals. We can keep tracking the goals. And we also ge reminders as per our settings. Lets see how this site can help me

Here is the first post published from there...

Life is, of course, the most precious gift that anyone can get

And we need to make good use of life and become good human beings first. We can how much problem the world is facing. Yet, a man is helpless. We have done all the wrong things in the name of growth and advancement. Man has only grown materially. And all this material growth is just temporary. You can see by now, how such growth is hampering our lives. We cut trees to build great structures and now, we are dying to plant trees. We got ACs, refrigerators and all. But now, we are facing a temperature of 40 degrees and unable to walk out in the day. We did so many things but none are going to last forever nor will they keep us happy

Ask yourself, are you happy? The definite answer is NO. Then, ask yourself the reasons. You will know it then

Real happiness lies in being better human beings

So, I wish to make real progress in life and it is in being a better person


  1. Yes, real happiness can only be attained by becoming a good human being and through the study of humanity.

  2. Hi Dibakar, I'm glad you have the same view... :)