Sunday, 4 May 2008

Whatever happens... Happens for the good...

Well, this is an old saying and I am a very firm believer in it. Let anything happen in life, I just say that, whatever has happened has happened for something good. I have numerous proofs for this. In my life at least, all bad things have only resulted in good results. But then, you need to be honest, sincere, truthful even during these bad times. You should not catch a wrong path in times of difficulty. And soon, you will see that your questions get an answer

On the day of farewell, I had a tussle with one of my friend, Amit Hooli. I scolded him and felt very bad for that. I never do it. Yesterday, I had called him and just spoke for sometime and set things right. And as we know, people get closer when they fight. It creates a small attachment. Today, I was in need of some urgent help. Earlier, whenever I approached him, he used to refuse. But today, he agreed and helped me. So, whatever tussle happened has resulted into a favor to me today

Further, in the morning, I was supposed to meet Anand Katti who had asked me to come in regards to LIC works. I did not have his cell number. In the process of discovering his number, I found many numbers. In that, one was of Avinash Giraddi. Well, the LIC work did not get done and I was sadly back. But then, I was in need of some help. And only Avinash could do it. Had all this not happened, I would not have had his number. I immediately rung him up and my work was done

And yeah, not to forget, yesterday, I got a favor from Jerry Thomas sir also. God has planned everything in a perfect way. He knows how to handle things. All he sees is whether we are really worth being helped. If we are honestly making an effort, he will definitely help. People become destined to help us. I have been receiving a lot of support in my life from many people and I very grateful to all of them. And I thank God for having been so kind to me. As it is said, God helps those who help themselves. And I have always been doing the best I can

Tomorrow, another hurdle waits me at ICICI Bank. I need to cross over this and only then, the problems will get the real solution. I am sure, God will help me in this too

Even if not, it just means, there is something else that God is planning for our good only

All I will say is, 'Whatever happens, happens for the good'

And yeah, today, the All India Management Aptitude Test was held. I did not write it as I am not going for an MBA campus program. I have decided to do it by distance learning only

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