Thursday, 15 May 2008

Whats waiting after June 10...

This one is a million dollar question for me as well as my friends and all my college mates and also every student who shall completing his final year graduation examinations. And as soon as the exam is over, this time, the scene is going to change. All these days, there used to be big parties and celebrations after the exams. But this time, we are definite to witness a totally different scenario. People shall be meeting each other for a last time in the college. And who knows, whether we will ever see their faces again in our lives. People will cry on this day for the pain of coming towards the end of this happy jolly kinda life

Further, unlike earlier when the celebrations would go on for weeks or months, things will take a complete turn here too. As soon as the exams get over, the students shall start facing real problems and start experiencing great difficulties. The biggest difficultly remains in the 2 simple words which has been the greatest question for centuries together for everyone- WHAT NEXT?
While a very few students have planned a future path, we will find that many of them are totally unaware of anything. There is also such a set of students who are yet to get up from the bed. They dont even know that they will be completing graduation and need to find new paths for life. An educational institution needs to instill the confidence, knowledge and all character that a man needs to lead a successful life. However, modern educational institutions are more a money spinning machine rather than a man making institution

A lot of confusions remain in my mind too. Even after being amongst the top scorers of my college, my future appears a little shaky as of now. There is nothing in my college that I have not achieved. Take anything and I am there in the top. Yet, my careers seems directionless. I am not getting what path to take and what has to be done. Due to personal reasons, I am not in a position to go for an MBA. Further, my sister is about to join engineering and the expenses are bound to rise heavily. And in such a situation, me also becoming a NPA (Non Performing Asset) is definitely not advisible. I still have plans for an MBA or PGDM through distance learning or correpondence or open university. But again, there are a lot of hassles here too. Such an MBA needs a minimum of 3 years of work experience or a Post Graduation qualification. I possess neither of these and thus, ineligible to this too. There are options like NIBM and Symbiosis. However, these PGDMs are not recognized by UGC. There is another MBF course (Master of Banking and Finance) offered by IGNOU. However, for this, we need to firstly clear the JAIIB and CAIIB examinations of the IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance). And to write the JAIIB/CAIIB exam, we need to firstly become the member of IIBF. And to become a member of IIBF, we must be an employee in a bank or financial institution which is in turn a member of IIBF. Hmmm... lot of complications. I found out that LIC is a member. However, I am not an employee of LIC. I am an agent only. Thus, as far as my knowledge goes, I am ineligible for this too. Yet, I have kept this option open and trying out if this can be done

I can easily get a job in Hubli where the pay is from Rs 6000 to Rs 10000 a month. In Bangalore, I could get Rs 8000 to Rs 15000. I have applied for the various posts at the ICICI Bank and I am awaiting some response from them. Alongwith a job, I need to seriously work on my LIC business and generate some good income. Only then, things will move fine. With all this, I also need to study a PG through correspondence

I also have a plan to go ahead with CS (Company Secretary). And also have thought of starting up an own work like a stock broking house or a tutorial classes. With ideas clashing in mind and no direction taking a serious shape, things remain in a state confusion

Just waiting for these confusions to end soon in my life and also the life of everyone

But, honestly speaking, the confusion time has begun just now...

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