Saturday, 7 June 2008

The exams saga...

Well, I am almost on the verge of giving them an end... The exams... They will soon become a matter of past. These have the most boring times of my life. With nothing learnt and almost zero knowledge, we just sit and by heart the books that are just about 50 pages big (usually, it takes 6-8 hours to by heart these books) and vomit it in the exams. I remember our beloved sir at Sainik School, Bijapur- Ramrao sir, calling it as IdliVada grinder. Honestly, even at this age, when all these students (of course, including me to some extent) are supposed to seriously learn, understand and get into the deeper matters and look for adding value and knowledge to life, none is much bothered about anything except the scores. Who is going to ask you how knowledgeable you are? I believe, none. Because, the marksheets act as the mirror reflection of your knowledge. A person scoring 90%, if doesn't answer a question, is always excused saying he is very busy and involved in lot of academic hecticness and might have just got a little confusion because of which he did not answer. However, if a person who has got 50% or 60% does not answer a question, a definite big issue is made and it is said that he is good for nothing. Even if he answers the questions asked, people might still call it luck rather than knowledge. Because, all we know is knowledge is what the University printer prints on the marks card

Now, let me have a quick review at the exams and my performance in them

Exams are like a 3 hours imprisonment forcing us to write against our wishes where even the dullest boy also tries to show that he is intelligent. And the intelligent boy always cries to show that he is dull and did not do well in the exam. Seriously... You can observe that. After each exam, only the dullurts are seen smiling. All the intels are with a frown face

Well, the first day, I was put in the jail to write my Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) paper. All these exams are for 80 marks. Its a special subject in our college exclusively. They call the vocational program. We are about 30 of us into this stream learning 2 special subjects called EDP and TPP (Tax Procedures and Practices) in lieu of 2 other subjects. These courses are designed to offer specialized training in the mentioned field of study. There was a lot of motivation and great demand for this when I joined the college. There were many plans and programs scheduled for the students who would take up this challengning program. There was a lot of craze, passion, plan, thought, dreams, etc. The only sad point being that nothing actually happened. All was only in black and white. Coming back to the paper. It was quite good. An average performance was given by me. I could answer a good number of questions and I am expecting anything above 52.5 marks out of 80 marks in this exam

The imprisonment was to complete the Business Law exam. I need to firstly thank the great teacher, Prof M S Tandur, for his excellent effort in driving us all on the right paths. He is a great person who took us all on the right paths. He knew the ways to teach us and to usher success in our lives. He made serious efforts for our welfare. And I really bow to this great person on behalf of my entire batch. Its not just today, he has been a guiding light for us all from the past 3 years. He is the only teacher who has put the students into real action by employing the ways which can put us on the track of studies. The exam was also good. Everyone was with a smile on face. The entire college was happy for the exam and for sir too. Sir is going to retire this year alongwith our batch and perhaps, that has brought him more closer to us. My performance was a little shabby. I got confused between small points. And my expected score out of 80 shall be anything above 59

We were soon imprisoned to write the TPP exam. This was another big problem. The subject was very typical. Thankfully, our sir (Mr Pathan) had explained things very briefly and convincingly. And I did well. I am expecting anything above 60 out of 80 in this test
After these 3 exams, there were 4 more to go. And the next 2 were real devils

Soon it began, the Financial Management paper. I was not much prepared (as if I was prepared for the other exams). There was a lot of tension in my mind due to this exam. I had a lot of tussle in the name of this exam. I just wanted to get this hell out of my way. I was not at all bothered about writing it. All I was wanted was to complete this and give it an end. I felt a great sigh of relief when the 3 hours got over. My mind felt very relaxed. More than the mind, the heart was very happy because it had been badly hurt in the name of this subject. But when I heard that people had done very well in this exam, I was totally delighted. That was all I wanted so that I will not feel guilty. For me, marks are just numbers. Feelings and thoughts are the assets that I preserve all life. Even my performance was OK and I expect anything abouve 52 out of 80

Then, we had the big monster. This subject had been sucking the blood of each and every student in the college. Firstly, the syllabus was not set correctly. Imagine a BCom student learning programming languages like Java, SQL, Visual Basic, C++, etc... That too in deep details. Hmmm... Thats what Karnataka University has prescribed. Not just this, they even put a compulsory question on these chapters for 15 marks and almost everyone give up this question. So, almost all of us attempt this paper for 65 marks only. Inspite of the whole world complaining, there is no one to listen. Further, there was no proper teaching. And also, no proper labs or practicals. Sadly, the whole year was gone and the search for a computer teacher was still on. Let me just imagine how many computer teachers have come and gone from the college. That sir from Bijapur, that lab madam who appeared like a tamilian, Ashok Kamatgi sir, Noor madam, Bharati madam, the other madam who had joined with Bharati madam, Mahantesh Kotabagi sir, Anupama madam, Jyothi madam and so on. The hunt was, is and will be on. But amidst all this, no one is realising that the student is losing. Further, the kind of paper that is set for the exam, it appears as if we all are computer champions and specialized software engineers. For a BCom exam, can you imagine that 60 marks of the paper was from the chapter Java. I dont understand the intentions of these people. What do they want at least? Its like the whole city os tired and sucked with all traffic problems and accidents and pollution while the police is making unending efforts to catch us for helmets. I recently heard that Hubli is going to get video systems and webcameras installed on each road to catch people who do not wear a helmet. Hmmm... What the hell do these people need? Even a city like Bangalore does not have sufficient funds to install such systems to control heavy traffic. And these people, they are out of their minds. They have forgotten their duties. Terrorits are roaming coolly in Hubli for the police are nowhere bothered about them. All they are interested is in torturing the common man for a silly reason like wearing a helmet. Are these people public servants or are they terrorists? Well, the computer exam did not go well at all. All I expect is something above 37 out of 80

And after this exam, I had to immediately leave to Bangalore for the IFBI CET (Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance- Common Entrance Test). IFBI is an oraganization run by NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) which offers a PGD (Post Graduate Diploma) with specializations in various fields of BFI (Banking, Finance and Insurance). The course is of 6 months duration. There is a classroom orientation of 3 months. And then, a on job training of 3 months. A stipend shall be paid during On Job Training. Further, after successful completion of the course, candidates shall be placed in a bank for the job. All sounded good. Then came a little gloom. The course fee was a hefty Rs 66000. Thats truly a big amount. I just thought, let me give the exam and interview and then, only if I get selected, I can think of the remaining. So, I went on and gave the test. It was average. I completed it and went to buy some books. I bought my sister's texts and also some other books at Sapna Book House. It was a delightful experience at Sapna Book House. So many books and I suddenly got interested in seeing them. I kept moving around seeing the titles of each book. It took me 3 hours to just read the titles of the books of just a few racks. I felt good and happy for this. Soon, I was back to Hubli by Rani Chenamma Express. Though I did not get a sleeper berth, I had an RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) and got a seat to sit through the journey. I somehow managed to pull across and sleep

Today, we had the last but one exam- Statistics I. The exam was good. I had made a lot of study and effort in this subject at the beginning (I studied this subject for 2 days) and thus, the perforamce was good. I expect anything above 65 out of 80

And now, the last exam to go on Tuesday- Statistics II. And then, I shall be released from this jail. I eagerly await for this moment

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