Friday, 6 June 2008

From the desks of IFBI...

I am at IFBI, Bangalore

I just completed the test ICET which was conducted

And in the meantime, I just found that I have some time till the next process begins. And I just thought, I will write a blog post... Chori Chori... Chupke Chupke...

Yeah, my BCom exams too are going on. I just completed the 5th paper yesterday and there are 2 more to go. I have an exam tomorrow also. But due to date problems, I had to come here to give the exam. It was a sudden decision. I left home at 10.20 pm yesterday to catch the train that would leave Hubli at 10.45 pm (Rani Chenamma Express). I had my reservation done. However, due to certain problems, the train came at 12.40 am, ie, about 2 hours late. I was too sleepy and got asleep the moment I got into the train. Thank God, I had a reservation done. Usually, I never do that. And the train was supposed to reach at 7.30 am and due to the delay, it was supposed to reach by 9.30 am. But then, due to some more problems in the engine, it landed here at 10.30. My test was scheduled at 11 am. And I had to call and reschedule the test to 12.30 pm

Mam came... Lemme log off & continue later