Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Hectic life on...

Life has become a real hectic process from many days. I have been busy for entire day and nights too. I have been running around for a lot of works that have remained pending from large number of days. These works include professional things like tracking business of LIC and personal things like arranging all my documents, belongings, etc. While I made a list of such things, it seemed a never ending one. Then I realised, how much time I have been wasting from the past many months. I have not even completed a single LIC policy from the past 8 months. I have not sold a single mutual fund from a year. I have almost become ZERO in everything. Neither did I concentrate on studies nor did I get any income either. There is a serious need for revival of everything in my life. Nothing seems to be in the right order. More imporantly, the people in my life too are totally out of order. Irrespective of my countless requests to be serious about life and see that things are fine, nothing has really worked all these days. At least now, the college days are over and this is serious life. Yet, things are not as they should be

Well, my sister is supposed to join an engineering college soon and there a lot of works to be done in this regard. I am sure, the people of this part of the world, know very well how complicated these processes are. Every parent wants their children to study BE (Bachelor of Engineering). Its like the only option that they give to their child. And suppose the student doesn't go for it, it is declared that he/she has broken the dreams of their parents. The student is also considered incapable for life. I was in the same position 4 years back. I directly refused to join BE. Personally, I was not interested in science as I never understood the basic subjects properly. Chemistry, Physics and all that stuff... Its like hell in the mind. So, I was not interested in that. But then, my parents wanted me to do it. And had I refused, I would break their dreams. So, I went for the CET classes and took up the exam too. However, things did not go fine as I was not able to go against my choices. Though I could get an engineering seat, I finally decided to skip it. Later, I joined commerce and now, things are much better. Had I gone to fulfill the dreams of my parents and joined engineering

I would have failed in BE and finally spoilt my life as well as their dreams. But then, now, although a commerce student, I am amongst the top scorers and have been an achiever in life. Its always good to rule in hell than to be a slave in heaven. Even they are happy to some extent. Still, they are not satisfied as I am just an ordinary BCom graduate. I am sure, this dream of theirs will be fulfilled once my sister makes it through the course

So, we had to arrange all these documents that have to be carried for the counselling. There are numerous cetificates to be signed by numerous persons. And roaming around all these government offices is like hell of a task. Further, we also need to arrange an education loan for the studies. And that is another heck of job. The bank officials of these PSUs act as if they are lending from their pockets. Whatever you tell them, they have an objection

Further, I am also roaming around to spread a word of mouth about RMP Infotec. I have met a good number of friends and people have responded positively. The business model looks good and it is a happening business in this modern world

Kal kare so aaj kar, Aaj kare so ab
Pal mein parlay hoyegi, Baharu karega kab

And yeah, I have just registered a new website,, through which I will make an effort to catch the audience on the net

More to follow soon...

I am determined to make it big in networking...

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