Monday, 16 June 2008

Jai JG... Jai Jai JG...

On this 10th day of June 2008, we all are free from the most disastrous phase of our lives- the education times. Yes, I called it as the most disastrous for the reason that these were the days of total inefficiency and idling out with life. With nothing to be done, all we did was to keep hitting the useless points and got a zero into life. Life's largest vaccation has just come to an end. Now starts the real fun...

Yeah, the last exam was Statistics II and it was good. I prepared for a day and I am expecting a score of anything above 59 out of 80

So, a total of 385 marks (384.5 to be exact) are expected out of 560 marks. Internal assesment of 140 marks is done by the professors. I believe, I should get at least 90% of the marks, so, 126 out of 140 can be a possible target. Thus, my total score in the final semester exams of BCom will be at least 511 (minimum possible score), ie, 73%. However, I am sure, I shall be way ahead of this expected score

Now, as soon as the exams got over, we had a big blast at the college. The photo slides are put up under. Crackers were burst to the maximum. Holi was played. It was a real big celebration and everyone was delighted. It was a big sigh of relief as soon as this exam got over. Everyone was so happy to get out this jail in which we all were getting rusted and had become rotten bodies. At least from now, things will get fine in life

As soon as we were out of the college, we prayed to this great institution from which we completed our graduation. Hats off to everyone!!!

The moment I came home, I saw my mail and found that I was supposed to attend the IFBI Interview on 11th June 08 and today is 10th. My goodness, I was happy that I had cleared the test but the immediate interview and that too I had to travel to Bangalore that day itself on which I had just completed my exams. Well, this was a question of future and I had to move. I got on to Channamma Express general coach and went off. A tired mind and body somehow got some rest amidst the big rush in the train. The rush was somewhat a little less

I reached Bangalore in the morning and called IFBI. And then, I got the big blow. I was told that the interviews have been rescheduled and I should come on 12th. Hmmm... so sad...

I called up some of my friends and went to their rooms and stayed there. At night, I was invited for a presentation on RMP InfoTech by one of my friend, Siddalingesh Zalaki. It was good. We sat upto 1 am at Cafe Coffee Day for the same. My mind was so tired that nothing entered my head. Everything was bouncing. I was not even in a mood to speak. I even met another friend of mine, Arif M B. It was a good day and I was happy that we all were meeting after a long time
The next day, I had the interview and I got through it. I had to immediately make a payment of Rs 6000 for the course as an initial admission fee. I was selected for the PGDBO (Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations) programme. There's definitely a lot of financial problem that I am facing. I just dropped a cheque of Rs 6000 and moved on. Soon, I went to the railway station. I purchased a couple of books on the way (One of Sidney Sheldon and the other was The Alchemist by Paula Cohelo)

And then, the most interesting part of the day. The Channamma Express is scheduled to leave at 9.15 pm from Bangalore. As the train origin itself is Bangalore, it is brought to the platform at 8.30 pm. Now, we were supposed to get into the general compartment and make sure that we get a seat too. The train came, and guess what, people opened up the Emergency Openable Window and jumped into the train through that window. Wah India Wah!!! Well, the doors were locked and would be opened at 9 pm only. But who cares for the doors, windows hai na. Seeing this, I could not wait anymore, even I jumped through the window like a monkey and immediately got a seat. The upper berth at the place where I sat was free. However, I considered to sit rather that hold that upper berth assuming that the number of people shall be higher and I would lose the sleep on the wooden seat on the upper berth. So, I considered the seat would be a better option as it was comfortable. However, the train was not as rushed as it used to be. And had I taken the upper berth, it would have been more comfortable journey that what it was

I was back to Hubli in the morning and I had a big list of works that I had to complete. And I got on to these tasks as soon as I came

Life is like a train, people come in, people get out... But the train keeps moving... But there are some people who are the only ones who have the power to stop the train and also our lives... Those are the ones who can pull the chain. If its pulled to save or help, the person gets a credit. However, if its pulled for unwanted reason, the whole of train might kick him...


  1. I jumped through the window like a monkey hehehhe ...i do this most of d tym :O

  2. @GeetS, are you sure you jumped into a train through a window... Its not a easy task ;)

  3. i m nt talking about train...:O

  4. geeta, do u jump microsoft windoes... hahahahh

  5. beautiful days yaar.........

    the last day was so fun, u remember we even played with colors......awesome days......

    Aur haan hamare desh mein sab kuch chalta hai yaar chahe woh train mein emergency window se jump karein ya bus ke upar baithein.....aabadi he itni hai tho log kya bhi paisa allocate kiya jata hai koi development ke liye tho woh hamamre maahan neta log kudh ka development kar lete hain........

  6. Yeah, those were some really good days... As time goes ahead, it collects a lot of moments for the future to look back and watch... ;)