Saturday, 26 July 2008

The third week in the capital comes to an end...

From about 3 weeks, I have been here, in the capital of the state making efforts to boost my LIC business. Things have been really tough and the results are yet to come out. Efforts are on. This week, I met a few more persons. The most interesting was the journey of Thursday. I took an appointment to meet one of the clients. However, I had to go to Kemp Fort on Airport road which is quite far from Jayanagar. I left here by 6 pm and due to heavy traffic and long distance, I reached there by about 7.45 pm. In fact, I must say that I was quick

On reaching, the rain God welcomed me. Above all this, I had done the biggest mistake of wearing a white pant and not wearing shoes. I wore sandals and that ensured that my white pant takes a new color

I explained about the products and gave all the information possible. In fact, I must thank them for being so patient in listening to me. Further, I was very delighted by this meet. It felt like, I am in my home. A lot of care and affection moved me and I was happy for that

I left by around 9.45 pm or so. It was still raining. I took a bus to get down at corporation. However, for my ill fate, the driver did not stop at corporation and I had to get down at Market. From there, I was told that we get direct buses to my place. However, none came. I took another bus to get back to corporation and even this person did not stop at corporation and went till the next stop. It was about 10.50 pm and I had to walk back to Corporation. And then, I got a bus to my place and reached by around 11.30 pm and by that time, my white pant had become black

And yeah, another mistake that I did was, I kept taking tickets throughtout the journey. It costed by around Rs 80. Had I taken a pass (which I do everytime), it would just cost me Rs 30. So, I decided that I will always take a pass from the next time

But, above all these things, I felt very happy after coming back to my PG. It was indeed good time that I spent with some very good people after a very long time

On friday, we had a big plan. I had planned for an Ajeets meet. I had called up Rajendra, Gurushant, Santosh, Araving HG, Kishore, Nagaraj, Veeresh, Shanakargouda to meet. All was set. However, due to the serial bomb blasts across the city at 9 places spoilt all the plan. It was after a very long time that such a meeting was coming up. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I was ready to move. Even everyone was ready to come. However, we just decided to put it off as we did not want to risk one another

I had been to Siddu's home on friday night. I had some pending work with Santosh and Raju. And today morning, I came back. And while coming back, I took a pass (paying Rs 30) thinking that I will be going to meet people today. Had I come taking tickets, it would cost me Rs 10. And now, I am not going anywhere as there are news of bombs being detected and defused at some more places

That was all this week. I have missed out some more meets that were usual with other clients. One thing which has been adding to the toll is the rising expense. With each passing day, the expenses are going up. I need to just put a break or manage these properly

Monday, 21 July 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough doesn't get going...

Things have been quite tough these days. Even after all the effort, sometimes, to our fate, the tough goes on getting tougher. Yet, efforts have been consistent on my part. This week's most jovial moment was when I met Ravi Kollure sir. I had been longing to meet him. He has been very helful to me in many occassions. I had not even seen his photograph till today. And it was a real pleasure meeting him

Further, I was not able to reach a lot of people this week. So, some extra effort is needed. However, I am not able to understand the direction in which I should move. First and foremost thing is that, I have realised, I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation that can be given everywhere. I am still using the pen and paper to explain. No doubt, I make the best explanations and pass on the exact understanding of every information. Yet, in this age, people are more crazy to go through presentations and feel delighted to see such things. So, I need to get in place a powerpoint at the earliest

I am carrying on the work. Results are very slow. So, to see if I am really on a path of success or not, I need some more time. Nothing special to write about

Monday, 14 July 2008

What a weekend...

Great days have just passed on... And greater days, I am sure, are about to come...

This weekend has been of great work and great fun...

Friday evening was a nice time. I had been to TCS to meet my friend, Siddalingesh Zalaki and also to canvass a sale to his friend, Mr Venkat. It was a fine time where I explained him abou the plans available with LIC and he was happy with things. Decision is awaited

Saturday morning began a little late and I stayed back at my room. I was there till the afternoon and then, in the evening, I was scheduled to go on to meet my friend Mallikarjun Swami who was leaving to Indi. He completed his BE at M S Ramiah College and he was packing back to his hometown. I was acompanied by Santosh Pujari who also happens to be my SSBJ friend. We met at the KSRTC bus stop. Santosh was also interested in getting some information about LIC which I explained. And then, after both left, I was supposed to go to Siddu's home and would be spending the night over there. I had the task to promote the LIC plans among his roommates. I reached over there and we had some good time. After food, I explained the plans to them. Response awaited. The night got a little extended upto 2 am

Sunday was a tighter day. I got up by 7 and went to Vijaynagar to meet Rajeev Hugar. He was a student of J G College of Commerce (a year senior to me) and currently working with Infosys BPO. Yet again, I did my duty of explaining the plans to him and his roommate Kiran who happens to be from Hubli. Response awaited

From there, I went on to meet Santosh who also stayed in Vijaynagar. We just had a detailed look into the plans. However, as he plans to go for an MBA in the coming days, things are a little dark

Soon, I got on to the bus. And yeah, I had not charged the cell battery for about 2 days and it was almost empty. I was constantly worried about it. So, I decided to go home. And the first thing that I did was to ensure that it is charged. Hmmm... Walking has been a tight job too. I have walked at least 4 to 5 kilometres by now. I had a quick bath and washed a couple of clothes that were used through a few days in the week. Soon, I got a call from Siddaling Swami who also is from SSBJ. He stayed in Vijaynagar. And I had to again rush back to Vijaynagar from Jayanagar. I was called for a business related talk. However, I was not much interested in it. By my behaviour, even they could make out that I was not interested and thus, nothing much was spoken

Soon, I was supposed to leave to Koramangala to meet Arif, a year senior at SSBJ, who is working for Accenture. And it was about 5.30 in the evening and the Bangalore roads had come to a standstill. I went on and I was at Koramangala by 7 pm. I met him and we just met for a casual talk. I spent some time there and finally left back on to the journey to Jayangar. There was a bus problem and I had to change 4 buses at each stop as the route was a little complicated. I could reach back by 9.30 pm and the great tiring day came to an end with this

For my luck, I had taken a bus pass in the morning. Else, it would be a costly affair. I was happy for the hard day. Sometimes, it so happens that a person starts enjoying pain. A similar thing happened with me too. I was in the bus moving towards Vijaynagar. I did not have a seat. Just then, a person got up to get down. However, another person ran to take the seat and I just left it off. I was happy standing. The next stop, a person beside me got up and I voluntarily left that seat to someone else. And I kept standing over the entire journey sacrificing seat for about 4 to 5 times. Foolish... Thats what you might feel when you read this. Yet, there was a kind of happiness when I did this. Still more foolish... :-)

Well, things keep happening in life which are very funny. Chalo, lets prepare our bags for the next week. One thing that I need to seriously concentrate upon is that I need to create some data pages which I can give to my the people to explain the plans. Though I explain and make people understand everything, some literature is definitely advantageous. So, I shall prepare all that at the earliest

That was all for the weekend moving across Bengaluru to promote some business. Results to be declared soon

Friday, 11 July 2008

Walk the talk in Bengaluru...

If at all there would be a program screened as Walk the Talk in Bengaluru, there is not even the slightest doubt that I would be the host, co-host, guest, organizer, co-ordinator, audience, director or whatever for it. Hmmm... Heavy walking has begun up in life. Each time I move out my room, I need to walk for at least 2 kilometres to get a bus. And then, meeting the client at the place where he says. And reaching there in the right time. Even these IT parks too are not situated in places where buses reach. There too, I need to walk a kilometre or two to reach. Sometimes, tiredness adds up. Yet, it is not expected to affect performance at any cost. It was the usual day going around and meeting people to explain various life and health insurance products alongwith mutual funds too. The job is quite interesting. However, it is too tiresome. Further, the returns too are not that good. And the saddest part of all these is that the clients react in a very abnormal manner. 99 times, they are unwilling to buy the product. And we keep dying to find the 100th person

Things have definitely taken a serious phase now. Having spent a week in Bengaluru at my own cost, I have realised I need to beat this inflation and ensure that I earn. As it is told, Selling is a necessary evil. We can not avoid it either. After all, everything in life is selling only. Even when a boy proposes a girl or vice versa, they are selling themselves at the cost of getting back the same love from them. Whether they get or not decides whether the sale was profitable or not. Well, selling happens at each and every levels. As we are in the lower part of the hierarchy, we need to walk around. The people on the upper end conduct board meeting, conferences, etc to make tie-ups and call it as business association, etc. After all, its all selling. So, there is now a need for me to reach a larger volume of clients. As the ratio of persons ready to get on with an insurance policy for them is lower, the only way to get higher clients is to reach higher number of people. I am making every effort to explore the networks and meet up. However, in a day, how many people can I meet? 2 or maximum 3. Moreover, on the week days, no one is ready to give an appointment either. All prefer weekends. And by the time weekend comes, they are off with party plans, home tours, etc :-). There is nothing to feel bad about it. After all, this is what is life. A person will only do such things which are necessary and important now. Insurance and investments will become necessary only at the end of the year :-)

Things are moving in a OK type of fashion. I feel, in another 8-10 days, I will be able to exactly know how much can I benefit from this decision of making a serious effort for LIC business in Bengaluru. Till then, let the efforts keep going into the mission and lets see how far things will work. I personally feel that thigs will work. However, the only issue is of time. As I always keep writing, the only problem that I am facing right from the time I am born is of TIME. Dekehenge, kahaan le jaati hai jindagi ki yeh gaadi. For the moment, I am feeling totally exhausted for all the walking that I did all through the day and even through the week. Let me move to my bed now. Good night India

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Puneet from Bengaluru...

6th July 2008, thats the day when I reached Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka to make some of my dreams come true. Dreams are many. However, the first and foremost thing required to accomplish anything on this place called as earth is money. Money is everything to a maximum extent. So, I need to earn this. Further, I have decided that I am going to do the LIC business very seriously and I am determined to sell 200 policies this financial year. I have not even sold a single policy till now. Yet, the instinct continues. I have been meeting some people in the past 2 days and a lot of them get free time only on the weekend. Life is getting tougher and more challenging too. And its time to accept these challenges and shoot strong. Lets see what God has in store for me. I have been contacting a lot of persons by email for helps from them in reaching my goals. And I await their responses too eagerly...

Thursday, 3 July 2008

An insurance agent's life...

Having been an Insurance Agent from about 2 years, there is a lot that I have found and learnt too. Life has been very difficult as an insurance agent for LIC. LIC enjoys a great brand name and huge trust amongst everyone. Everyone has got a good number of LIC policies and that makes the task of selling these policies very herculian. Its a little ackward feeling to be an insurance agent. Everyone knows that we are going to make them buy a policy and they are going to lose money and we are going to earn commissions. So, generelly, a life insurance agent is unwelcome. Yet, we need to push ourselves, keep a smile and go on. If not, things wont work. No one really understands that we are people who are on a work based pay. While the employees earn irrespective of their effort or work, we earn only if we work

I have been observing people beahving strangely when asked to buy policies. But one thing is definite, they will definitely buy it. Because, it is a need for life and it will definiltely be bought. If not from the person who is asking him, he will get it from the next person who asks him. So, agents defintely need to be forceful. There have been situations where I just ignored as I got hurt by the kind of reaction that I got. But then, later, they bought the same policies from some other agent as I gave up. So, its like we are standing naked for everything. And whatever is said, we have to accept it and go on. Some friends take us as a burden too. And so, I stopped asking my friends for policies. And guess what happened, they took it from other agents. Nothing is really known about this field exactly. Sometimes, I feel, we just need to keep pushing. There is some resistance in the initial time. And when we keep pushing more, it is definitely done- the sale. Most people follow this approach. However, I have been unable to totally follow this. I have been trying but I give up very soon. I feel, the customer should buy on his own. And by the time the customer feels that he should buy and come to me, someone else has already sold it to him. In this way, I have been lazing the past 10 months for the welfare of my customers. And guess what, I have got ZERO customers. Now, the question is, if I continue this way, will I succeed? Honestly, I must. However, the market penetration of LIC and its network is so strong that the moment you give a little gap, someone else takes the perfect advantage of it

I am reviving all this for some time now. I have been making a lot of effort to find out the ways to restart the LIC business which has become dormant. It was so easy to start. But, I am struggling and its becoming impossible to restart it. As said, a person realises the value of something only when he loses it. I really dont understand, for what foolish reason did I stop this business. I have been canvassing and meeting and mailing hnundreds of people. However, I have not completed even a single sale. I have been thinking that the response will come from the customer. I wait. And later, when I ask, I always get the answer that the sale is over. I feel bad. I kept feeling bad in the same way. And finally, one day, the interest was lost

Now, I have realised that no one buys insurance. It has to be sold

And everyone becomes a customer. The earlier we catch, the higher is the chance to make him our customer

There is a need to be open for everything, yes, everything. And become a little hardcore seller too. And now, I have set myself a target of 200 policies for the FY 2008-09. Yes, 200 by March 31, 2009. And I have 270 days to go

And I am going to do it in style!!! I will meet as many people as possible each day. I shall pass on all the information about insurance and investments. I shall give them numerous options. Its going to be totally professional. I shall track back and ensure that the prospects turn into clients as soon as they are satisfied

Its time to shoot now... And I am ready for the shot...