Friday, 1 August 2008

Birthday celebrations all the day...

Today is the last day of July and yeah, the birthday of Raghavendra Rao Sajja, the hot boy of the class. It was definitely a big surprise planned by Naveen and Raju. We celebrated the day by cake cutting in the morning in the presence of all students and faculty too. The way the birthday boy's face was splashed with cake cream was a scene to watch for. It almost took an hour for him to wash it off

The classes are going for longer time as the exam is coming soon. A lot needs to be studied. The books are too big to be covered in this short time

The birthday boy sponsored the lunch as a birthday treat

The classes continued after the lunch too. And after the class, we had another treat from the birthday boy to the entire class

The day went fine and the celebrations were too good

Signing off for the day

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