Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bomb blasts... The Worst-est actions humans can do...

Today, it was all an usual day. The classes went on. The project work too continued. And we were fastening the scrapbook work as we have to submit it by the time we leave. But then, this news of bomb blasts across the city added a lot of sadness in the air. About 7 serial blasts happened in Bengaluru at different places. This definitely added a little panic everywhere. More than panic, its hurting that a man is making effort to kill other men. This goes to show the great progress that the humans on earth are making. The blasts were of a minor intensity. Yet, the terror created is the same. It spoils the mood of everyone in the city and across the nation too. Many people get worried and the phone lines get jammed. Terror is one thing which is very dangerous for human life. Specially, minor blasts. They might not take away life. In fact, they are not meant to take lives but to create fear of death. Such fear that can kill life when alive and have no meaning for having a heart that beats in sync with a nose that breathes. I had a plan of meeting all my friends in Bengaluru and we had made all necessary arrangements to get together at 5 pm at The Forum Mall, Koramangala. Unfortunately, everything has been called off. Just like my parents, a million people who have their loved ones in Bangalore must be terribly hurt, worried and filled up with the worst sentiment of life - Fear created in humans by humans for life which God gave

I don't wish to speak much about this dark day. We are asked to stay back at IFBI for some time till the situation is good to move out. Signing off for the day

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