Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The D Day comes... Everyone excels...

At last, we are here, completed the task of ISAS, the biggest rating activity at IFBI. It was a great day and I just loved it. We all had been making a lot of effort for this activity. Struggle was on day in and day out, especially some groups that were so secretive and were involved in this almost on a full time basis

Its great to see that everyone outperformed on this day adding to the delight of the faculty. There is not even a single person who can be considered as low on performance. Thats what happens when everyone makes a serious effort towards something. Dedication and consistent efforts are the keys to success

Teams were chosen randomly to give the presentations. The day began with the presentation by Team 1 on the topic "Rural Banking". The team consisted of Rekha, Jeena, Vibha, Kamaksha and Raju. It was a good show covering up on all the aspects of the topic. It was followed by Team 2's presentation on the topic "Impact of Technology on Service Sector" consisting of Chitra, Bayyareddy, Richa, Saurav and Sameer. The 4th team consisting of Raghavendra, Naveen Crasta, Shivkumar, Nikita and Bineet gave the presentation on "Relevance of Customer Service". The next was Team no. 3 consisting Sukanya, Ajeya, Gopinath, Rajlaxmi and Naveen Koganti who gave the show on "Retail Revolution". And the last team was ours. Team 5 consisting Meenu, Ruchi, Aditya, Maruti and I gave our show on "Housing Industry and Employment Growth"

One thing that I liked about the activity was that it gave rise to a healthy competition. People also realised their potential. Most of them got an exposure to perform and I am sure, they will perform much better in the time to come

The faculty too loved it. The scrapbooks were also designed beautifully. Altogether, it was a great day
I dont wish to pass on my comments on anyone or any group as this is the stage of growth and development. This is not competition. The competition is yet to come

Signing off for the day

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