Friday, 18 July 2008

A day before the last day before the weekend...

A normal simple nice fine cool day has just passed on. As usual, we began with the Banking class. Today's review was given by an experienced person compared to many of us. As expected, it was a great show covering up each and every point in great details at a good pace. A lot of confidence and energy was exhibited and it was a successful show in all respects

Further, we have almost come to the theory classes of OOB module today. We are left with a couple of activities and exercises that shall be taken up soon. After the class, we continued with the interview training sessions. Today, we had a discussion about all technical questions relating to banking. All went well. I need to brush up some of the concepts that were learnt in BCom. And then, we continued in the lab. There were some formalities like form filling, etc which was also completed. And now, going ahead for the newspaper collection. We have got the permission to cut the papers to paste them into our scrap book. So, the collection process has begun

Time is moving at a quick pace. There is a need to recognize its movement and act intelligently. A lot of changes are going to come in the coming few days. These are the defining moments for the future

Signing off for the day

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