Thursday, 3 July 2008

An insurance agent's life...

Having been an Insurance Agent from about 2 years, there is a lot that I have found and learnt too. Life has been very difficult as an insurance agent for LIC. LIC enjoys a great brand name and huge trust amongst everyone. Everyone has got a good number of LIC policies and that makes the task of selling these policies very herculian. Its a little ackward feeling to be an insurance agent. Everyone knows that we are going to make them buy a policy and they are going to lose money and we are going to earn commissions. So, generelly, a life insurance agent is unwelcome. Yet, we need to push ourselves, keep a smile and go on. If not, things wont work. No one really understands that we are people who are on a work based pay. While the employees earn irrespective of their effort or work, we earn only if we work

I have been observing people beahving strangely when asked to buy policies. But one thing is definite, they will definitely buy it. Because, it is a need for life and it will definiltely be bought. If not from the person who is asking him, he will get it from the next person who asks him. So, agents defintely need to be forceful. There have been situations where I just ignored as I got hurt by the kind of reaction that I got. But then, later, they bought the same policies from some other agent as I gave up. So, its like we are standing naked for everything. And whatever is said, we have to accept it and go on. Some friends take us as a burden too. And so, I stopped asking my friends for policies. And guess what happened, they took it from other agents. Nothing is really known about this field exactly. Sometimes, I feel, we just need to keep pushing. There is some resistance in the initial time. And when we keep pushing more, it is definitely done- the sale. Most people follow this approach. However, I have been unable to totally follow this. I have been trying but I give up very soon. I feel, the customer should buy on his own. And by the time the customer feels that he should buy and come to me, someone else has already sold it to him. In this way, I have been lazing the past 10 months for the welfare of my customers. And guess what, I have got ZERO customers. Now, the question is, if I continue this way, will I succeed? Honestly, I must. However, the market penetration of LIC and its network is so strong that the moment you give a little gap, someone else takes the perfect advantage of it

I am reviving all this for some time now. I have been making a lot of effort to find out the ways to restart the LIC business which has become dormant. It was so easy to start. But, I am struggling and its becoming impossible to restart it. As said, a person realises the value of something only when he loses it. I really dont understand, for what foolish reason did I stop this business. I have been canvassing and meeting and mailing hnundreds of people. However, I have not completed even a single sale. I have been thinking that the response will come from the customer. I wait. And later, when I ask, I always get the answer that the sale is over. I feel bad. I kept feeling bad in the same way. And finally, one day, the interest was lost

Now, I have realised that no one buys insurance. It has to be sold

And everyone becomes a customer. The earlier we catch, the higher is the chance to make him our customer

There is a need to be open for everything, yes, everything. And become a little hardcore seller too. And now, I have set myself a target of 200 policies for the FY 2008-09. Yes, 200 by March 31, 2009. And I have 270 days to go

And I am going to do it in style!!! I will meet as many people as possible each day. I shall pass on all the information about insurance and investments. I shall give them numerous options. Its going to be totally professional. I shall track back and ensure that the prospects turn into clients as soon as they are satisfied

Its time to shoot now... And I am ready for the shot...

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