Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Is there no IFBI in Pakistan...

The week has begun in a very exciting manner with the most funny scene between Binit and Bayyareddy. Well, Monday morning is always a very tight time. The sleeping mood of Saturday and Sunday does not permit you to wake up early. I too faced the same and was a little late in getting up. But, I just bunked my breakfast to make good the time lost and was in time to the class. This week, we will be missing Rahul sir as he is busy on an assignment at Vijaya Bank

All started well

It so happened that Bayyareddy asked Binit- "Where are you from?"

Binit just remained quiet. On being instigated again, he was angry and replied - "Pakistan"

We all turned back to see what happened. Bayyareddy, always astonished and confused, had something more to add to his astonishment. As usual, with that pretty smile on his face with extra glitter on listening to the response, he says- "Is there no IFBI in Pakistan?" :-))

Binit lost his speech and nobody could control their laughter

Jokes apart, things are moving well. Today, we had another faculty, Balakrishna sir, who began the new topic relating to simple and compund interest from Financial Mathematics. While simple interest is calculated as P*T*R/100 (P is the principal, T is the time period, R is the rate of interest), compound interest uses a different formula, A[1 - 0.01 r]^n - P (A is the amount, r is the rate of interest for the period, n is the number of such periods and P is the principal), to ensure that the interest earned is added back to the principal and thus, earn a higher amount of interest So, the study burden is on the rise. A lot of effort, in terms of study hours, needs to be put in

After this, we had the IFS class which went cool. A lot of detailed study was done on RBI working

And then, we continued with the ISAS work. In fact, I had a lot of plans to prepare a CV and some other presentations after the class. However, due to certain technical problems, the systems were down and I had to postpone them. We got on much seriously in regard to the ISAS and distributed the articles amongst each other after classifying them into different sections and allocated them to each person. And thank God, our group has started functioning finally. I was a little bothered as Anil and Aditya were off. Luckily, Aditya is back. And we have another newcomer in our team, in lieu of Anil, Ruchi. So, its hum paanch in the 5th group again. Tomorrow, we need to prepare the scrapbook too

That was all for the day

Yeah, on friday, after the class, I and Naveen had a good walking exercise in search of Andhra Bank. And finally, when we landed at the destination, we found that the bank does not have and ATM. So, there was no worth walking all the way. And in the evening, we all had gone for a small hunt for Pani Puri sponsored by Naveen :-)

One very important thought that I learnt recently is
Do everything to express yourself
Do nothing to impress others
Signing off for the day

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