Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Mr. Laxminarayan takes on...

Some more momentum gets added with the beginning of a new subject 'Financial Mathematics and Accounting (FMA)'. This will be dealt by Laxmninarayan sir who is a very experienced and very nice person. All began with financial accounting through an introduction to accounts, conventions, components, etc. Things were a little difficult for the non-commerce students to digest. I am not sure if they have digested it by now or not. That will be known by tomorrow. Accountancy has always been my favorite subject and that's something which I call as the sexiest thing on the earth

Yet another important event was scheduled to begin today. Its the preparation for the interview rounds of HDFC Bank. Those students who are interested as well as eligible can also try a hand with getting the career path with HDFC Bank too. The interview will be held shortly and some inputs are being given about the same. After the accountancy class, Rahul sir continued with these points and it was a general introduction to the process

I came to know just today that there are some people in our batch who are already allocated either ICICI Bank or HDFC Bank in their course offer letter itself. And the remaining students, including me, have to yet go through the selection process for the same. 3 students, all girls, have been placed into HDFC Bank. So, we already had starting doubting the HDFC Bank HRs :). I am yet to find out who is already into ICICI Bank

I have always had this dream of being a banker. And I always wanted to join a private sector bank due to the enormous growth opportunities as well as competitive nature of work. I have been eyeing ICICI as well as HDFC for a quite long time. I have been very keen on their developments and other things too. My area of interest is retail banking followed by asset management. Both have been a dream place to work, for me. Lets see where I land into

And yeah, today's review of yesterday's class was done well

From now, there is a need for me to concentrate on the upcoming interview. And yeah, after the class, we had this activity of newspaper reading to collect material for the ISAS presentations. And yes, not to forget, we had a classroom activity of analysing the cheques presented to us and sending them for collection through an appropriate process. Well, things are very interesting in banking. They are very complicated. However, for a person who looks deep and understands the process, he will love it (like me)

Those were all the highlights for the day. In fact, time has started moving faster. I was unable to blog from the institute. And thus, I had to come to this net centre to do it. I always believe that nothing should be kept pending, specially, something thats a daily routine. Else, it will only be a part of the next day and will never get the kind of attention that it needed. I was in the habit of procrastinating. But, I have completely overcome that with a lot of effort

That was the day. Time to sign off for the night

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