Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My affairs with ISAS began for true...

Monday is back and we are on work at IFBI. Yes, we have been distributed into groups (5) and allotted a topic each. And we are supposed to give a presentation on the topic given to us. This activity is called as ISAS (Information Search and Analysis Skills). It forms an important part of the PGDBO course and has a value of rating too. It involves the task of searching through the newspapers, information, about the the topic given to us. We are supposed to take only the past 30 days reference and only in rare cases, permitted to go beyond it. Once all articles are collected, we need to assemble them in a scrapbook and hand it over to the faculty. After 2 days, we are also supposed to give a team presentation with a powerpoint show to the class. Everything in the process will be observed and rated accordingly

5 students are put in each team and there are 5 teams. I am in the 5th team alongwith Anil, Maruti, Aditya and Alex

The topics that are given are
  1. Rural Banking
  2. Impact of Technology on Service Industry
  3. Retail Revolution
  4. Relevance of Customer Service
  5. Housing Industry and Employment Growth
Our team, being 5th, has been assigned with the 5th topic- Housing Industry and Employment Growth. We are supposed to submit the scrapbook by 24 July (Thursday) and the presentation will be given on 28 July (Monday). Each person is expected to collect about 5 articles and speak for about 5 minutes. So, 5 people will be speaking for a total of about 25 minutes on 25 articles. Lot of fives in everything. Our team number too is 5

That was about the ISAS presentations

Further, the Monthly tests are scheduled to be held on 4th and 14th August. In the first test, the syllabus that will be covered is Basics of Information Technology (BIT), Financial and Mathematical Ananlysis (FMA) and Indian Financial System (IFS). The second test will take care of Overview of Banking (OOB) and also the 2 modules that we will be covering by e-learning through the Learning Management System (LMS) of IFBI, namely, Anti-Money Laundering and Law in Everyday Banking

So, all the busy schedule of life is going to get busier. And I am so happy for this

Well, the day began with a review of the previous day's learnings. The review was given by Anil. He was pretty confident and did a good job. Further, his drawbacks too were analysed and suggestions for improvement were offered. The banking class continued in which we dealt with Asset products like retail loans, overdrafts, letter of credit, etc

Signing off for the day

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