Thursday, 31 July 2008

Results out... Team 5 tops... Hurray...

Say little, and love much
Give all
Judge no man
Aspire to all that is pure and good…
The ISAS results have been announced and our team has made it to the top. I was sure of this as our scrapbook was prepared in a great manner. Moreover, the presentation had been planned in a very appropriate manner to justify the subject. Further, as a team as well as individuals, we had given it our best. But then, I am neither delighted nor excited for this. The reason being, this is just a healthy growing exercise. The top few performers were also declared, namely, Meenu, Rekha, Sukanya, Bineet and me too

This marks the close of one chapter called ISAS which has extracted a lot of work from us. But then, its a beginning of a new chapter in human relations, team work, additional competencies, stronger competition in the days to come

We were supposed to submit an assignment on Accouts today to Laxminarayana sir. And I remembered about this yesterday night at around 10 pm. I was watching 'Shootout at Lokhandwala' and did not wish to leave that. So, I started writing the assignment later and that continued till late night 12.30 am. Obviously, I got up a little late. However, I managed to pick up and get things right at the right time in the right way

The other day, Bineet had given a review on one day. I missed writing about it. He did it in a good way, cool, natural and confident

And now, its time to get ready for the next war, the monthly test no. 1 on 4th of August 2008. Battle after battle, keep making efforts to win them, and finally, you win the war
The woods are dark, lovely and deep
But I have promises to keep
Miles to go before I sleep
Miles to go before I sleep
As I write this, something in my heart is beating for something. I don't understand why me miss someone or something. Sometimes, you just feel like go out and do something but still, life stops you from doing it. I have come over with a challenge in life to do something. I feel, I can garner respect only when the task is accomplished. Everything else can wait

Signing off for the day

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  1. Congrats! to your team.........Your team work & plan did work out......good......Team member efforts fetched the team success........As you told healthy competition is very important which makes each one of them grow......excellent environment.......