Saturday, 26 July 2008

The third week in the capital comes to an end...

From about 3 weeks, I have been here, in the capital of the state making efforts to boost my LIC business. Things have been really tough and the results are yet to come out. Efforts are on. This week, I met a few more persons. The most interesting was the journey of Thursday. I took an appointment to meet one of the clients. However, I had to go to Kemp Fort on Airport road which is quite far from Jayanagar. I left here by 6 pm and due to heavy traffic and long distance, I reached there by about 7.45 pm. In fact, I must say that I was quick

On reaching, the rain God welcomed me. Above all this, I had done the biggest mistake of wearing a white pant and not wearing shoes. I wore sandals and that ensured that my white pant takes a new color

I explained about the products and gave all the information possible. In fact, I must thank them for being so patient in listening to me. Further, I was very delighted by this meet. It felt like, I am in my home. A lot of care and affection moved me and I was happy for that

I left by around 9.45 pm or so. It was still raining. I took a bus to get down at corporation. However, for my ill fate, the driver did not stop at corporation and I had to get down at Market. From there, I was told that we get direct buses to my place. However, none came. I took another bus to get back to corporation and even this person did not stop at corporation and went till the next stop. It was about 10.50 pm and I had to walk back to Corporation. And then, I got a bus to my place and reached by around 11.30 pm and by that time, my white pant had become black

And yeah, another mistake that I did was, I kept taking tickets throughtout the journey. It costed by around Rs 80. Had I taken a pass (which I do everytime), it would just cost me Rs 30. So, I decided that I will always take a pass from the next time

But, above all these things, I felt very happy after coming back to my PG. It was indeed good time that I spent with some very good people after a very long time

On friday, we had a big plan. I had planned for an Ajeets meet. I had called up Rajendra, Gurushant, Santosh, Araving HG, Kishore, Nagaraj, Veeresh, Shanakargouda to meet. All was set. However, due to the serial bomb blasts across the city at 9 places spoilt all the plan. It was after a very long time that such a meeting was coming up. Unfortunately, it did not happen. I was ready to move. Even everyone was ready to come. However, we just decided to put it off as we did not want to risk one another

I had been to Siddu's home on friday night. I had some pending work with Santosh and Raju. And today morning, I came back. And while coming back, I took a pass (paying Rs 30) thinking that I will be going to meet people today. Had I come taking tickets, it would cost me Rs 10. And now, I am not going anywhere as there are news of bombs being detected and defused at some more places

That was all this week. I have missed out some more meets that were usual with other clients. One thing which has been adding to the toll is the rising expense. With each passing day, the expenses are going up. I need to just put a break or manage these properly

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