Friday, 11 July 2008

Walk the talk in Bengaluru...

If at all there would be a program screened as Walk the Talk in Bengaluru, there is not even the slightest doubt that I would be the host, co-host, guest, organizer, co-ordinator, audience, director or whatever for it. Hmmm... Heavy walking has begun up in life. Each time I move out my room, I need to walk for at least 2 kilometres to get a bus. And then, meeting the client at the place where he says. And reaching there in the right time. Even these IT parks too are not situated in places where buses reach. There too, I need to walk a kilometre or two to reach. Sometimes, tiredness adds up. Yet, it is not expected to affect performance at any cost. It was the usual day going around and meeting people to explain various life and health insurance products alongwith mutual funds too. The job is quite interesting. However, it is too tiresome. Further, the returns too are not that good. And the saddest part of all these is that the clients react in a very abnormal manner. 99 times, they are unwilling to buy the product. And we keep dying to find the 100th person

Things have definitely taken a serious phase now. Having spent a week in Bengaluru at my own cost, I have realised I need to beat this inflation and ensure that I earn. As it is told, Selling is a necessary evil. We can not avoid it either. After all, everything in life is selling only. Even when a boy proposes a girl or vice versa, they are selling themselves at the cost of getting back the same love from them. Whether they get or not decides whether the sale was profitable or not. Well, selling happens at each and every levels. As we are in the lower part of the hierarchy, we need to walk around. The people on the upper end conduct board meeting, conferences, etc to make tie-ups and call it as business association, etc. After all, its all selling. So, there is now a need for me to reach a larger volume of clients. As the ratio of persons ready to get on with an insurance policy for them is lower, the only way to get higher clients is to reach higher number of people. I am making every effort to explore the networks and meet up. However, in a day, how many people can I meet? 2 or maximum 3. Moreover, on the week days, no one is ready to give an appointment either. All prefer weekends. And by the time weekend comes, they are off with party plans, home tours, etc :-). There is nothing to feel bad about it. After all, this is what is life. A person will only do such things which are necessary and important now. Insurance and investments will become necessary only at the end of the year :-)

Things are moving in a OK type of fashion. I feel, in another 8-10 days, I will be able to exactly know how much can I benefit from this decision of making a serious effort for LIC business in Bengaluru. Till then, let the efforts keep going into the mission and lets see how far things will work. I personally feel that thigs will work. However, the only issue is of time. As I always keep writing, the only problem that I am facing right from the time I am born is of TIME. Dekehenge, kahaan le jaati hai jindagi ki yeh gaadi. For the moment, I am feeling totally exhausted for all the walking that I did all through the day and even through the week. Let me move to my bed now. Good night India

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