Monday, 14 July 2008

What a weekend...

Great days have just passed on... And greater days, I am sure, are about to come...

This weekend has been of great work and great fun...

Friday evening was a nice time. I had been to TCS to meet my friend, Siddalingesh Zalaki and also to canvass a sale to his friend, Mr Venkat. It was a fine time where I explained him abou the plans available with LIC and he was happy with things. Decision is awaited

Saturday morning began a little late and I stayed back at my room. I was there till the afternoon and then, in the evening, I was scheduled to go on to meet my friend Mallikarjun Swami who was leaving to Indi. He completed his BE at M S Ramiah College and he was packing back to his hometown. I was acompanied by Santosh Pujari who also happens to be my SSBJ friend. We met at the KSRTC bus stop. Santosh was also interested in getting some information about LIC which I explained. And then, after both left, I was supposed to go to Siddu's home and would be spending the night over there. I had the task to promote the LIC plans among his roommates. I reached over there and we had some good time. After food, I explained the plans to them. Response awaited. The night got a little extended upto 2 am

Sunday was a tighter day. I got up by 7 and went to Vijaynagar to meet Rajeev Hugar. He was a student of J G College of Commerce (a year senior to me) and currently working with Infosys BPO. Yet again, I did my duty of explaining the plans to him and his roommate Kiran who happens to be from Hubli. Response awaited

From there, I went on to meet Santosh who also stayed in Vijaynagar. We just had a detailed look into the plans. However, as he plans to go for an MBA in the coming days, things are a little dark

Soon, I got on to the bus. And yeah, I had not charged the cell battery for about 2 days and it was almost empty. I was constantly worried about it. So, I decided to go home. And the first thing that I did was to ensure that it is charged. Hmmm... Walking has been a tight job too. I have walked at least 4 to 5 kilometres by now. I had a quick bath and washed a couple of clothes that were used through a few days in the week. Soon, I got a call from Siddaling Swami who also is from SSBJ. He stayed in Vijaynagar. And I had to again rush back to Vijaynagar from Jayanagar. I was called for a business related talk. However, I was not much interested in it. By my behaviour, even they could make out that I was not interested and thus, nothing much was spoken

Soon, I was supposed to leave to Koramangala to meet Arif, a year senior at SSBJ, who is working for Accenture. And it was about 5.30 in the evening and the Bangalore roads had come to a standstill. I went on and I was at Koramangala by 7 pm. I met him and we just met for a casual talk. I spent some time there and finally left back on to the journey to Jayangar. There was a bus problem and I had to change 4 buses at each stop as the route was a little complicated. I could reach back by 9.30 pm and the great tiring day came to an end with this

For my luck, I had taken a bus pass in the morning. Else, it would be a costly affair. I was happy for the hard day. Sometimes, it so happens that a person starts enjoying pain. A similar thing happened with me too. I was in the bus moving towards Vijaynagar. I did not have a seat. Just then, a person got up to get down. However, another person ran to take the seat and I just left it off. I was happy standing. The next stop, a person beside me got up and I voluntarily left that seat to someone else. And I kept standing over the entire journey sacrificing seat for about 4 to 5 times. Foolish... Thats what you might feel when you read this. Yet, there was a kind of happiness when I did this. Still more foolish... :-)

Well, things keep happening in life which are very funny. Chalo, lets prepare our bags for the next week. One thing that I need to seriously concentrate upon is that I need to create some data pages which I can give to my the people to explain the plans. Though I explain and make people understand everything, some literature is definitely advantageous. So, I shall prepare all that at the earliest

That was all for the weekend moving across Bengaluru to promote some business. Results to be declared soon

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