Monday, 21 July 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough doesn't get going...

Things have been quite tough these days. Even after all the effort, sometimes, to our fate, the tough goes on getting tougher. Yet, efforts have been consistent on my part. This week's most jovial moment was when I met Ravi Kollure sir. I had been longing to meet him. He has been very helful to me in many occassions. I had not even seen his photograph till today. And it was a real pleasure meeting him

Further, I was not able to reach a lot of people this week. So, some extra effort is needed. However, I am not able to understand the direction in which I should move. First and foremost thing is that, I have realised, I have to prepare a powerpoint presentation that can be given everywhere. I am still using the pen and paper to explain. No doubt, I make the best explanations and pass on the exact understanding of every information. Yet, in this age, people are more crazy to go through presentations and feel delighted to see such things. So, I need to get in place a powerpoint at the earliest

I am carrying on the work. Results are very slow. So, to see if I am really on a path of success or not, I need some more time. Nothing special to write about

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