Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Deadlines take a toll on life but add a smile at the end...

The last day for the scrapbook preparation is today. And things are taking a toll. A little tension has been added on air due to the serial blasts at Ahmedabad and also various findings of the similar nature all over the nation. Sadly, the border situation has added to all the mess as the Pakistani soldiers are trying to infiltrate into the LoC. Things are appearing too fishy. India is facing a lot of problems, both internally and externally. On one hand, the social life of the people has been affected and on the other, the defence of the nation has been questioned. And all this in just 48 hours of time

The week thus began weak. It was tough and uninteresting too. In fact, we had gathered on saturday too at IFBI for the purpose of preparing for the ISAS. It has been postponed to tuesday (from monday). However, due to me being very tired due to the previous day's work, I was unable to do anything

And today too was the same case. I have not even read my topics and I am not sure what they contain. The most important part of the show is the powerpoint presentation. After the classes, I sat down preparing the presentation. Everyone passed the data to me and I just compiled them and prepared the same. Further, this process carried on upto 7.15 pm. It was a tedious job, though satisfying. Sweat always satisfies!

And now, I am with the task of going and preparing myself for the big day ahead. A maximum part of my work remains undone. And with the kind of tiredness I am experiencing, I really doubt what I am going to do when I get back home

Signing off for the day

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